Fix My Practice Launches to Tackle Poor-Quality Health and Social Care Pandemic

1 in 10 Patients Harmed in High-Income Countries
2.6 Million Annual Preventable Deaths in Low- and Middle-Income Countries
Dr M Aminu (MD, PhD | Co-Founder, Fix My Practice)
Dr M Aminu (MD, PhD | Co-Founder, Fix My Practice)
LIVERPOOL, U.K. - Aug. 4, 2020 - PRLog -- Fix My Practice, a consulting firm based in Liverpool (UK) that focuses on helping health and social care professionals to improve the quality of their services, launches on 3rd August 2020. Targeting clinics, hospitals and care homes, the firm will help to combat the severe global pandemic of poor-quality care bedevilling the health and social care industry.

When asked why they are launching this service now, Dr Mamuda Aminu, Co-Founder of Fix My Practice, responded, "We planned to launch earlier this year, but we had to postpone the launch due to the Coronavirus pandemic. With hindsight, I must say there isn't a better time to launch our services than now. The pandemic has exposed critical weaknesses in many health systems around the world, including in developed economies. This has strengthened our resolve to serve and make a difference."

Figures from the Harvard Global Health Institute and the World Health Organisation (WHO) indicate that, in high-income countries, 1 in every 10 patients is harmed while receiving care. In low- and middle-income countries, an estimated 134 million adverse care events occur each year, causing 2.6 million preventable deaths.

Unfortunately, poor quality care also comes at a staggering economic cost. In high-income countries, 15% of hospital expenditure is due to mistakes in care or hospital-acquired infections. In low- and middle-income countries, an estimated 1.4 to 1.6 trillion USD is lost each year in lost productivity due to poor quality care and its consequences. Medication errors alone cost a whopping 42 billion USD each year.

In addition, poor quality care causes poor staff morale, loss of public confidence, decreased demand for care by service users and financial losses due to litigations among other effects.

Dr Aminu further explained, "Globally, up to 40% of patients are harmed in primary and outpatient health care, of which 80% are preventable. In high-income countries, 50% of adverse events from poor quality care are preventable. Our experts will make a lot of difference by helping health practices and care homes to identify their top quality priority areas quickly, find realistic and lasting solutions, strengthen the health and social care systems and improve outcomes."

Fix My Practice works directly with health and social care managers to tackle the problem of poor quality of care. Their experienced consultants have helped hundreds of health facilities to improve care in over 20 countries across three continents. They focus on the UK's health and social care, but also offer their expertise to health practices and care homes internationally.

In the UK, the experts will identify the most vulnerable health practices and care homes from inspection reports of the country's care quality watchdog, the Care Quality Commission. They'll then reach out and offer their expertise. Health practices and care homes are also free to contact Fix My Practice directly for assistance at

In addition to care quality improvement, Fix My Practice also helps local businesses to acquire clients/customers using "evidence-based marketing", aided by some of the most advanced digital marketing tools and techniques available in the market.

Dr Mamuda Aminu (MD, PhD)
Fix My Practice
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