Nonpartisan Presidential Candidate Chance Trahan Puts Veterans First

Did You Know That Chance for President Has A History Of Helping Veterans?
WASHINGTON - June 16, 2020 - PRLog -- Nonpartisan leader, Chance Trahan, has always put Veterans first. Being raised by a strict military grandpa has shaped Chance's focus on Veteran support. Chance grew up visiting the VA hospital after his grandpa's car accident landed him in the VA Hospital. The memories of his grandpa dying in VA care haunted and traumatized Trahan, and has been an integral part of why he supports Veterans.

"If I've positively impacted a Veteran just by acknowledging them and appreciating their service, then taking that moment to get their attention to say thanks for their service in the military is worth the effort. I love just having the experience of talking to Veterans. Some are pretty funny. Some are even fascinating," Chance states.

Trahan is careful when approaching people wearing hats that look similar to Veteran worn hats. Chance tries to vet which hats are authentic and which aren't. One hat worn by someone he saw was similar to a battalion hat, but upon closer inspection, it actually wasn't. This taught him to be more careful before assuming someone is a veteran just because they're wearing a visibly identical hat.

"I walked up to someone that I thought might have been a Veteran of war to thank them for any service that they might have provided in the military and turns out that the hat wasn't what I thought it was. I was thankful that I'm smart enough to ask if they've served before thanking them for any service that they didn't provide, which could possibly lead to a very bad idea of committing the fraud of stolen valor for the benefit of being recognized," says the Nonpartisan Presidential Candidate.

Chance Trahan has always made it his mission to appreciate Veterans and was able to act upon this by helping NAVY Veteran and daytime talk show host, Montel Williams, in petitioning the White House to fix the VA. The mission was called VA Surge and after Montel Williams recruited Chance Trahan through Twitter direct messages, Trahan helped lead the petition to victory. But what Barack Hussein Obama would do in response would leave Trahan feeling utterly disgusted and sorely disrespected..

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Trahan adds, "I was excited when we achieved the success of pressuring VA Chief, Eric Shinseki, to step down amid the VA Hospital wait list scandal. Then we made the hashtag for the VA Surge trend on Twitter and even got the attention of the President. That, to me, was astounding. But when Barack announced that he was replacing the VA Chief with someone worse, I was outraged."

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