Golden Badge Announces Police Reform Initiative: Project Blue Sky Course Correction

By: Golden Badge
An Initiative of Golden Badge
An Initiative of Golden Badge
ATLANTA - June 16, 2020 - PRLog -- Within days of George Floyd's funeral, Golden Badge, an international support group for pro-reform law enforcement officers including prison correctional officers, reportedly organized to form a professional, nonprofit, nongovernmental task force to investigate, specify, and recommend changes to U.S. law enforcement agency policies, procedures, and practices as well as legislative changes at the state and federal levels, through Project Blue Sky Course Correction. The Project is geared to address exigent issues and concerns regarding use of force and brutality in and around U.S. law enforcement agencies according to its Chairman, retired Police Chief Gordon L. Wiborg, Jr. Wiborg, who after decades in command ranks for the U.S. military as well as criminal law enforcement, attests to undertaking his most daunting mission for the sake of law and order as well as human rights protection in America.

Chief Wiborg is President of National Judicial Conduct and Disability Law Project, Inc. (NJCDLP) and its National Strategy and Management Board (NSMB), headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. The NSMB is an administrative arm of the NJCDLP initiative known as National Forum on Judicial Accountability (NFOJA). They all are responses to what many good government advocates describe as rampant U.S. legal system abuse facilitated by unchecked judicial misconduct.

"Rampant U.S. legal system abuse facilitated by unchecked judicial misconduct is manifest in today's protests and complaints about police brutality and excessive uses of force," observes Chief Wiborg. He explains, "Allegations of serious police misconduct, brutal beatings, and assaults, and lying to gain convictions deserve to be and need to be fairly and fully investigated to expose law enforcement misconduct and brutality for what it truly is and is not." Wiborg elaborates, "The Project will have as its central mission to assess and evaluate the problems currently seen in law enforcement, specify and define those problems, and recommend changes to agency policies and procedures, and, where appropriate, offer substantial legislative recommendations and regulatory and ethical framework updates as necessary."

Chief Wiborg articulated the main objective for the Project is to assess criminal justice agency health, both singularly and in large groups, in each of the following areas:
  1. Community/Public Relations.
  2. Use of Force.
  3. Race Relations.
  4. Fairness, Equality, and Impartial Treatment for all.
  5. Qualified Immunity – Weaponized.
  6. Hiring and Training of Qualified Candidates.
  7. Scope of Employment/Span of Control.
According to their private social network pages, NJCDLP and its NSMB are committed to helping "ensure Judicial accountability throughout the United States Judicial System at all levels and all venues". That commitment entails striving to "ensure the Judicial system, including all Officers of the Court, maintains and respects all Constitutional Rights, with adherence to Due Process, Equal Protection, and the Rule of Law" and helping "ensure a Judicial environment where all parties are treated equitably, fairly, and respectfully". When asked how a private, grassroots organization could fulfill such a lofty goal, Wiborg referenced the Project's calling: "Already underway through protests and demonstrations across America is a wide variety of grassroots U.S. legal system reform efforts ranging from simple public awareness initiatives to advocacy for dramatic changes in police procedures, of court system operations, and judicial oversight." He adds, "A primary task of the Project is to help maximize the effectiveness of these parallel efforts by assisting their proponents with coordination, collaboration, and mutual support. While the Project will likely spearhead some of its own reform measures, its main emphasis will be on helping realize the potential of our community's most promising work to date, including law enforcement agencies themselves."

Wiborg hastened to explain that "harnessing the collective power of average Americans to lawfully control our Police is an undertaking very distinct from the end results being pursued through our national community's various reform efforts." According to Wiborg, "The solution to the problem of seemingly irretractable legal system abuse is Democracy. So, the Project will be about the business of [1]. Harnessing pockets of collective power among average Americans; and [2]. Utilizing that power to control the direction our Police are going in the sense of compelling them to treat all with respect and deference."

Taking the helm with Chief Wiborg is a team of veteran good government advocates including former civil trial attorney, author, public speaker, and NJCDLP's Executive Director, Dr. Zena D. Crenshaw-Logal; Mr. Maurice Morris, Golden Badge's National Membership Recruiter and a former Deputy Sheriff as well as candidate for Sheriff in Lucas County, Ohio where he is the Safe Cop Coordinator for the National Police Defense Foundation; Mr. Steven Harris, Co-founder and CEO of 2nd Chance Initiative MS Now L.L.C., a Mississippi-based, U.S. criminal justice system reform advocate; Minister Carl Brown, Co-founder of Louisiana United International, Inc., a civil, constitutional, and human rights organization; and Mr. Britton Mosley, a Golden Badge Member and former Mississippi correctional officer as well as prison administrator who has published multiple books and does public speaking on Mississippi prison industry corruption.

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