COVID-19 and the potential rise of age discrimination in the workplace

Although not seen as prominent as other forms of workplace discrimination, age discrimination does frequently occur, and could be exacerbated by COVID-19. Are you protecting yourself?
By: Mitchiner Law
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Tom Mitchiner
Tom Mitchiner
DENVER - June 15, 2020 - PRLog -- Society as a whole- particularly workers, employees, employers, business owners, etc.- are currently attempting to navigate unforeseen and unusual territory… business operations in the wake of COVID-19. As the world and the state of Colorado begin to reopen and attempt business as usual (while administering necessary safety precautions), other unforeseen changes such as age discrimination could be on the rise.

Age discrimination in the workplace isn't new - in fact, a 2019 study revealed that "44% of employees report that they (or someone they know) experienced age discrimination in the workplace" (Hyman, 2019). Furthermore, the same study also notes that "21% reported that they faced age discrimination themselves" (Hyman, 2019).

Employers may find themselves concerned about their older employees, as the virus has been inarguably more dangerous for that age group. However, employers must educate themselves and take precautions to avoid inadvertently or accidentally age discriminating, while simultaneously taking necessary measures to protect their employees. Unfortunately, age discrimination will still take place in some circumstances.

If you are experiencing age discrimination upon returning to work, or even when teleworking, it is important to be able to identify any possible discrimination and be prepared to act. Learing signs of age discrimination is essential, and so is having a plan in place if legal actions must be pursued.

Tom Mitchiner of Mitchiner Law, located in Denver, CO, specializes in age-related discrimination cases. In the situation of an age-related discrimination case, Tom and the team at Mitchiner law will stand by their clients as they help them to interpret the potential unjust actions of their coworkers and/or employers, and respond accordingly.

Mr. Mitchiner's employment law expertise is backed by years of experience, as he spent many years as a "blue-collar" employee prior to turning his passion for workplace justice and equality into a career.

If you are searching for the best legal advice or employment attorney denver co, Tom and the team at Mitchiner law will ensure that your age-discriminatory case is professionally handled with the utmost care and persistence.


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