Nonpartisan Presidential Candidate Chance Trahan Announced His Plans For Enacting Executive Orders

Trahan Slams LA Mayor Garcetti But Was Allegedly Slammed By A Hitman Supposedly Hired By Senator John McCain
WASHINGTON - June 9, 2020 - PRLog -- Amid a racially charged Scamdemic that seemed to be the cure for the fairy tale Plandemic, Primary Candidate, Chance Trahan, drops his long awaited announcement detailing his Executive plans of action once he's Presidential Elect. Chance has been very meticulous and secretive about his plans due to the Incumbent Commander in Tweet and his fellow Incumbent Runningmate who seemingly opposes Trump, but neither Incumbent Candidate can seem to withstand newcomer Trahan's Political barrage.

Trahan's Tweet says the following....

As US President, I will promulgate Executive Orders:

• Rescind the repeal of Smith-Mundt Act • Rescind the Patriot Act
• Rescind the National Defense Authorization Act
• Reinstate Habeas Corpus with amendments
• Declare Freemasons a terrorist group

The Tweet comes just after slamming LA Mayor Eric Garcetti in a flurry of recent Tweets posted to Trahan's Twitter Profile.

Chance Trahan's Political career isn't just a fluke. Trahan has been in the Political game for years behind the scenes. He started out being vocal in Politics, then moved up to becoming a Precinct Committeeman in the Ruby District of Phoenix, Arizona.

See Trahan's Executive Order Tweet:

Once Chance got too close for the likes of Jeff Flake and Senator John McCain, Chance alleges that attempts were being made on his life when a foreign Uber Driver from Nigeria struck the driver's side of Chance's car while he was crossing the intersection at N 25th St and Indian Hill. The Nigerian Uber Driver was heading West as he was barreling down Indian Hill at unsafe speeds when he struck Chance.

A driver that Chance says was high on methamphetamines then got out of the car and claimed to be a witness and said that Trahan was clearly at fault, then proceeded to threaten Trahan, pulling at his driver's side door handle, trying to get into the car to fight Chance, whom was too injured to even make it out of the car to check on the other parties that were involved in the wreck. When the dark haired female Police sergeant arrived to the scene, she didn't ask any questions, demanded Chance's ID, then left the scene shortly after. When Chance's mom later called the Sergeant demanding action to correct the mistakes in the poorly written police report, the female sergeant hastily threatened to show up to the residence and arrest Chance.

Unfortunately, this wouldn't be the end of Chance's hard luck with Police after his entrance into politics, but there are plenty of other instances where Trahan has detailed those stories before. Vote Trahan in the Primary Election this November 2020.

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