Houston Independent Presidential Candidate, Jade Simmons, releases official statement on the unrest in America and announces virtual rally

Spurred on by the latest unjust killing of George Floyd, national riots, and racial inequality, 2020 presidential candidate, Jade Simmons, will host a virtual rally for restoration to share solutions beyond our prayers and protests.
By: Citizens for Jade Simmons
Virtual Rally For Restoration With Jade Simmons
Virtual Rally For Restoration With Jade Simmons
HOUSTON - June 2, 2020 - PRLog -- Houstonian and 2020 Independent Presidential Candidate, Jade Simmons, will host a Virtual Restoration Rally to address the unrest in America on Wednesday, June 3rd at 8pm EST/7pm CST on Facebook and Youtube. Join her and other concerned citizens as we move from rightful outrage to necessary outcomes.

Read the presidential candidate's official response to the death of George Floyd and the unrest in our nation below.

More information on Jade Simmons, the Operation Restoration Movement, and all upcoming events can be found at www.operationrestoration2020.com

Official Statement on the unrest in America sparked by the outrageous death of George Floyd

The death of George Floyd is the straw that broke America's back. The most dangerous thing we can do right now is the dangerous thing we've been doing forever, which is to allow our eyes to be averted to the temporary inflammation of rioting without dealing with the hard ugly reality of the current situation. That situation is the persistence of racism, the rise of race-based aggression, and race-based murder. What we are seeing break out now in America is not an overreaction to the death of one man. It is the inevitable eruption of years of injustices gone unaccounted for.

Let me officially call for an end to the looting, the burning of buildings, the damage to brick and bone as more lives and livelihoods are being taken in this mass outrage on the heels of 100,000+ deaths from Covid-19. We need an end to the destruction, not simply because of the property damage, but because it is shortening this day of reckoning,  dampening the calling out of real evil. Before this moment subsides and we forget, let us first understand what we are seeing. We are seeing people from every color and creed unite against this cancer called racism. We are seeing the oppressed link arms with people who look like the oppressor but don't have the same heart of darkness. We're also seeing violence projected in response to violence received, lawlessness in response to the abuse of law and order, death and destruction in response to death and destruction. We're going to continue to see businesses that don't deserve to suffer in response to continuing to see people killed that didn't deserve to die. Some are saying they are acting like animals. I say they are responding to being treated like animals.

I hate what George Floyd and his family had to lose for our country to finally get the message that racism still exists in our most respected institutions and that race-based murder is a reality. We, every people group, must also deal vehemently with murder at the hands of criminals who look like us. Nevertheless, we cannot allow the false comparison with death coming at the hands of those charged to protect us and also at the hands of citizens with a dangerous sense of misplaced authority. The policewomen and men who put on their badges with serious, honorable intent to preserve life are also scarred by the bad thorns that have been allowed to exist without consequence in an engrained culture of displaced loyalty to brotherhood, instead of to the people. We all lose when we make this a conversation about law and order instead of one about the plague of racial injustice and the too-common incidence of police brutality towards African-Americans.

This rightful outrage is fueling the twisted rhetoric of the current President, who will use his dismissed and ironic calls for law and order to weaponize a base that has been taught to be fearful of the calls for justice, to misinterpret these cries as anarchy without a cause, and to see the rise of those oppressed as the overthrow of life as they know it. Let us ALL not play so easily into his re-election playbook.

America, let us not waste this moment! If we want to see an end to the rioting, the people rioting will have to see that an end to the injustice is in sight. So let us now move from outrage to outcomes, from rioting to restoration, but not before we flesh out the resolutions this moment demands.

We must press forward now into a new era of leadership led by people who live our lives currently, who've tasted our pain, who've carved ways out of impossible situations and built roads into impossible successes. It's time for new voices (yours, not just mine) to take it from here into an era of reshaping this nation into one that finally looks like its God-given identity. We were designed to be one nation. It's taken us tragedy after tragedy to get us to this moment, but here we are, ready to stand as one.

Let us not waste this moment going "back to normal," settling for chicken soup for the soul. We don't need comfort, we need breakthrough! We must own this season of discomfort so that we can allow it to force us to change. This is not the time to mindlessly crave the familiar, but it's time to courageously build a new future. Let us refuse to ever look the same again.

To come out of this, on the other side of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Botham Jean, Atatiana Jefferson, Sandra Bland, and Trayvon Martin's deaths (to name a few), looking the same would be a disservice to their memories. This is the time to put our heads and our hearts together, to craft new solutions, and to present our own options, not the ones forced on us. Let us turn this accumulated pain into something we can be proud of, a moment in history that won't soon be forgotten.

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