Grace Helps Kids and Parents Understand COVID-19

Life has changed in so many ways since March. Parents and caregivers are stepping up to the impossible task of teaching and parenting while working at the same time. (It's impossible, yet you're doing it. Every day.)
By: Center For Functional Learning Ltd.
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Grace Fights COVID-19 Front Cover
Grace Fights COVID-19 Front Cover
ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, Ill. - May 19, 2020 - PRLog -- It's not only parents and caregivers who are feeling stressed. Kids are, too. Even the youngest children understand that something isn't right, and they are looking for answers. Like us, they feel that much about life has been "canceled" and they are mourning the loss of their familiar and much-loved routines, like sports classes, art lessons, playdates, and visits with grandparents. They miss school, teachers, and friends. And like us, they don't know how much longer this "new normal" will last. According to Psychology Today, they express these feelings in many ways, from anger to grief to aggression and regressions. They are also really susceptible to absorbing their parents' stress and feelings during this time.

This might be an unprecedented challenge in a time of great uncertainty, but it's a challenge tailor-made for Grace and her friends. Since they sprung from my imagination, they have championed health literacy education for children and their caregivers. From burn safety to healthier living habits, they know how to talk so that kids will listen.

Now, Grace and her Bug Squad are here to help emerging readers (and their parents) better understand COVID-19, the new restrictions we're living under, and why we need to change our behaviours to stay safe and healthy.

In normal times, kids ask lots of questions. Right now, they are asking even more, and many parents and caregivers are struggling to answer them—or even to find the right words. This is why Grace and her Bug Squad are here to help with developmentally appropriate, scientifically accurate answers to questions like:
  • What is a virus?
  • Why can't I go to school?
  • Why do we have to stay far apart from each other?
  • Why do these changes help us stay healthy?
Grace gives us all a way to meet children where they are right now with kid-centric answers and a kid-friendly approach to learning about the coronavirus and all the changes to our lives needed to keep us and our loved ones healthy.

Grace Fights COVID-19 is the first COVID-19 book published in the Chicago area. Join Grace and the Bug Squad to learn more and to stay safe. Learn more about the book or order your copy here.


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