Dynatronix by Process Technology introduces new Power Supply and Controller to power your process

High-performance Power Supply and Controller introduced for electroplating, electroforming, anodizing, and electro-winning processes
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DTX-12000 Power Supply and M-1 Controller
DTX-12000 Power Supply and M-1 Controller
WILLOUGHBY, Ohio - May 18, 2020 - PRLog -- Introducing the high-performance DTX-12000 Power Supply from Dynatronix by Process Technology.

Inside high-efficiency silicon carbide (SiC) components and synchronous rectification (SR) reduce process energy consumption and deliver accurate, ultra-low ripple DC power. Externally the 19-inch, modular footprint allows for scalable power levels up to 120,000W.

Paired with the new M-1 Controller featuring digital controls, a bright LCD screen, advanced data logging, and Ethernet/IP connectivity capability, the DTX-12000 delivers superior performance and premium power.

"With our new DTX-12000 Power Supply and M-1 Controller, we were able to combine the highest performance with the highest flexibility," states Ralf Daube, Product Manager. "Our goal is to improve your plating process through best thermal efficiencies, lowest possible ripple, and exact power deliver even at lowest amp outputs. And our new M-1 Controller provides manifold features such as advanced process control, data logging, and ODVA Ethernet/IP communication - taking you to the next level of plating excellence."

DTX-12000 Power Supply Features
Improve your process - Ultra-low ripple and accuracy
  • Engineered for ripple-free output, delivers smooth, clean DC
  • Exact delivery of power throughout working range
  • ETL certification guarantees safety and quality
Value-added design featuring FPGA technology
  • FPGA controlled system reduces downtime for maximum performance and reliability
  • Less waste heat and energy consumption
  • Light-weight, under 60 lbs for 1000 amp 12kW system
  • Designed for harsh environments
  • Flexible/scalable 19 inch rack design
M-1 Controller Features
External control unit - Delivers seamless connectivity
  • Plug-and-play connect to an automation control system
  • Control of multiple paralleled module
  • Data logging, process programming and 200Hz options available
  • Sealed design for close-to-tank installations
  • Ethernet/IP Protocol (ODVA Certified) - optional
Your quality Electroplating, Electroforming, Anodizing, and Electro-Winning processes are waiting for the new DTX-12000 Power Supply and M-1 Controller.

Process Technology
, established in 1978, serves industries that include Semiconductor, Flat Panel Display (FPD), Microelectromechanical (MEMS), Nanotechnology, Photovoltaic (PV, solar cell), Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), Biomedical and Pharmaceutical. Process Technology's product offering includes LUFRAN™ fluoropolymer DI water and chemical heaters, quartz DI water heaters, fluoropolymer & quartz inline chemical heaters, electric immersion heaters, heat exchangers, high-temperature filter chambers, solvent heaters, nitrogen heaters, and Dynatronix™ power supplies. Semi S2/S3 and CE compliant; ETL/UL and NRTL certified. ISO 9001:2008, including design.

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