Quality Essentials Suite Announces Release of Version V2.24.1.065

With the release of version V2.24.1.065 Quality Essentials Suite introduces a set of advanced features designed to enable greater collaboration internally and externally for the quality control department.
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Automated Email Alerts
Automated Email Alerts
JULIAN, Calif. - May 14, 2020 - PRLog -- For over 10 years, Quality Essentials Suite has been committed to providing Quality departments with a data collection tool that can accommodate transaction volume, adapt to a wide variety of input sources, and promptly provide reporting, such as Certificates of Analysis, to meet shipping requirements.

The latest enhancements found in Quality Essentials Suite Version V2.24.1.065 deliver targeted functionality that digital solutions provide in order to reduce the burden and risk of data entry.  As a result, staff can focus instead on the critical tasks of decision making and analysis.

With this release, QES introduces their data import toolset. This functionality allows for efficient import of quality control data into the Quality Management System from a wide variety of sources.  Files, generated from sources that are used frequently, can be structurally interpreted with the provided data mapping tools so that importing can be executed with minimum effort.  Test results obtained through instruments, or other equipment, can be easily updated into a user's Quality Management System, eliminating errors, reducing labor requirements, and providing system wide content visibility. Data provided in other electronic forms, such as vendor supplied certificates of analysis or archived data in legacy systems, can also be addressed.

The expanded digital benefits found in this release are also realized through the availability of automated email alerts.  Quality Essentials Suite ensures that the collaboration benefits of digital solutions are easily achieved by delivering, in this version of the product, user friendly interfaces for the setup, definition and maintenance of alert events.  These alerts can be customized to notify responsible parties for a range of occurrences, including real time notification of non-conforming incidents.  The functionality has been developed so that users will no longer require specialized technical resources to deploy, customize and maintain alerting mechanisms.

"The Quality Department can be a leader in delivering the value of digital transformation to companies of any size because quality control data is so meaningful for monitoring activities and preventing cost expansion," said Frances Donnelly, Director of Product Development and Sales.  "With this advanced feature set, QES allows our customer to shift the focus of their labor from the tedious tasks of data entry, to the cost saving tasks of data analysis and error prevention.  These efforts are targeted at making collaboration in your quality function easier for both your internal departments and external partners."

The newly released feature set addresses one of the most significant burdens of legacy QMS, particularly for tools developed in-house, by addressing the need to easily move relevant data to the point of its greatest usefulness.  When the data import capabilities are combined with QES's existing data analysis charting and reporting the ability to use, rather than review, data is unleashed.

About Quality Essentials Suite

In 2009, Horizons began introduction of Quality Essentials Suite (QES). It is now a platform independent, multi-user, affordable solution for customers with quality control requirements in any industry, of any size. Whether an organization is engaged in quality management activities as a result of ISO certification, to meet regulatory requirements or for the strategic benefit of delivering higher levels of customer satisfaction, there is a daily challenge to cost effectively collect, monitor, analyze and securely store relevant data. QES affordably meets current quality assurance challenges. For more please visit our website Quality Essentials Suite.

About Horizons International

Founded in 1987, Horizons International has worked closely with Microsoft Business Solutions Dynamics GP. Horizons is always one of the first tightly integrated, certified ISVs to release integrated solutions, allowing customers to take advantage of new functionality quickly. The professionals at Horizons have over 50 years combined experience in consulting and developing for manufacturing, accounting software applications and quality management.  For more please visit our website:  https://www.hzs.com/


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