Nonpartisan Presidential Candidate Chance Trahan Calls President Trump A Liar

Is Donald Trump Guilty Of Jailing People Who Disagree With Him
WASHINGTON - June 4, 2020 - PRLog -- Thanks to the Permanent Political Class of satanic pedophile Politicians and unethical Government Officials that are controlling our enslaved society that we're too busy to realize that we're a part of, campaigning for Primary Office has been a challenge for Nonpartisan Presidential Candidate, Chance Trahan. And to make matters worse, Chance has been in and out of jail because corrupt Politicians and dirty Cops keep trying to convict him of crimes he clearly hasn't committed.

"I don't make it a habit to deliberately commit crimes. Donald Trump, however, is a different story. In fact, like many businesses attempting to carefully navigate the convoluted murky waters of the law, I've always tried to just obey the law the best I can for the simple reason of just staying out of trouble because I'm tired of going to jail for crimes I didn't commit, or were tricked, coerced, or connivingly convinced into committing," Chance says.

He goes on, "Watching this incumbent President blatantly break laws and violate the Constitution in ways I would never be caught doing has me baffled. I'm also offended at his audacity to spread such hate between races or even between people with conflicting viewpoints. What's worse is that I used to foolishly back him. I used to put my good name behind him. I was convinced that he was the lesser of two evils. I was conned into thinking that he was trying to do the right thing when he's only conducting himself a selfish manner. I'm not only disgusted by his evil trickery and stealthy sleight of hand while he thinks no one is looking, I'm thoroughly offended. And even though I am traditionally Nonpartisan, I do believe that ill-mannered behavior, especially by authority, needs to be addressed."

Trahan concludes, "President Trump lies to the public and secretly betrays our trust. I allege that he's been on a tirade of jailing people whom disagree with him, while praising people who seem to worship him, giving them unfairly favorable treatment, while condemning people like me who speak out against his sneaky oppression and veiled suppression. This is not acceptable behavior and so far he's been pretty good at hiding it, but I on the other hand have consistently been putting him on blast for this trickery. He can't just keep jailing me for things I haven't done. It's against the law and quite the serious offense. If he's ever put on a fair and unbiased trial, then he's done for. He's consistently committing high crimes."

We get the feeling that Trump supporters aren't going to like this article, but we don't care.

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