Ray Keating Launches "PRESS CLUB C Podcast"

Keating Hopes to Engage Listeners Given His Experiences as an Economist, Novelist, Nonfiction Author, Entrepreneur, and Fan of Lots of Things
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Press Club C Podcast3
Press Club C Podcast3
MANORVILLE, N.Y. - April 22, 2020 - PRLog -- Today, a new podcast – the PRESS CLUB C Podcast – was launched by Ray Keating, who is an economist, columnist, novelist, nonfiction book author, and entrepreneur. Keating also hosts the "Free Enterprise in Three Minutes Podcast."

What does PRESS CLUB C stand for? Keating notes, "Each letter in each word explains the topics that will be discussed by myself and guests across episodes of the podcast." Those topics are:
  • Politics
  • Religion (namely, Christian topics)
  • Economics
  • Sports
  • Stories (that is, writing, books, fiction and nonfiction, and author interviews)
  • Culture (pop culture and otherwise)
  • Life (the big catch all)
  • Understanding (lessons in an assortment of areas, including history)
  • Business and entrepreneurship
Conservative (Keating is a self-described traditional, American, Reagan-esque conservative)

The description for the first episode is: "Episode #1: Conservatism, the Coronavirus Economy, the NFL Draft 2020, and What the Heck is PRESS CLUB C Anyway?– What the heck is PRESS CLUB C? Ray Keating explains, while also talking self-indulgently about himself and his interests. But he eventually puts aside the navel-gazing, and gets around to talking about some topics. Keating explains what conservatism is, or should be, and reflects upon some key points regarding the coronavirus economy. And then as a sports-starved fan, Ray gets downright emotional thinking about the upcoming NFL Draft 2020, and then winds up ranting about his Minnesota Vikings. Four Super Bowl losses with no wins have been tough on Ray over the years."

Keating explains: "Given my work and interests, there's so much to discuss, explore and have fun with, including being an economist, columnist, novelist, nonfiction book author, some kind of podcaster, entrepreneur and former college professor, as well as my assorted interests, like baseball (Reds fan), football (Vikings fan), hockey (Sharks fan), books, movies, television, streaming, writing, comic books, business and entrepreneurship, the Walt Disney Company, history, golf, music, and more! I hope to engage listeners in a host of areas, while not taking myself, at least, too seriously."

The PRESS CLUB C Podcast with Ray Keating can be heard on Buzzsprout, at Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Player FM, among podcast venues.

Keating's most recent books are Behind Enemy Lines: Conservative Communiques from Left-Wing New York, The Traitor: A Pastor Stephen Grant Novel, and Free Trade Rocks! 10 Points on International Trade Everyone Should Know. Read his columns and articles at KeatingFiles.com and at DisneyBizJournal.com.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/pressclubc




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