Roueche Finds Freedom Through Artwork

Rolling Stone Magazine dubbed Clay Roueche "Boss Weed" — now he's taken his zeal for achievement and turned it to creating vibrant art.
By: Roueche Blend Art Works
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Kaizen Asian Koi Art Print
Kaizen Asian Koi Art Print
CHILLIWACK, British Columbia - April 15, 2020 - PRLog -- We all go through many changes as we grow in life, some of us are given more profound opportunities to learn and grow into the people we become. Roueche is a man who is well-known for his past, but has become a different man altogether through hard work and pushing towards success. He believes that no matter what a person's past may be, the future is whatever they choose to make it.

His previous "Boss Life" was quickly turned upside down by US Federal agents in a matter of hours, ultimately bringing him to greater fulfillment in life. His time in prison has given him a freedom he may not have known otherwise through artistic expression.

And, his artistic talent has now become an entrepreneurial venture where he's able to send his artwork into the world in hopes that others will not only enjoy it, but be inspired and blessed through the beautiful images he's created.

In Golden Dragon, his most recent piece, Roueche states, "This scene reflects the obstacles people may face as they forge their future. The background is a sky full of fire which represents the most difficult challenges a person may face in life. To be victorious against overwhelming odds a person must have strength of mind, body, and spirit. When one is dedicated and persistent, success is on the horizon."

Everything happens for a reason and Roueche is a shining example that positivity and success cannot be held in by the walls of men, and that what's meant to be will be, no matter what circumstances life tosses at you.

We tend to focus on all the things we have to do and on our limitations instead of forging steadily ahead. Sometimes we need to stop and take a look at the amazing things others are doing with limitations we can't even imagine, whether health, physical, or environmental limitations. Because the sad part is that most of our limitations are only in our minds.

It's also a time to take a look at the fact that we're all in this world together, not as competition, but as inspiration. We're all here to learn, grow and help each other succeed — especially if we want to be successful. Keeping his focus on success, Clay Roueche is a man of inspiration, and one of the most positive, dedicated, and optimistic people you'd ever meet.

His artwork can be viewed and purchased as prints and on apparel at


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