COVID-19 Crisis Prompts Calls That It's A Warning To Get Time Travel To The Past "Done"

Internationally noted R&D engineer and leader behind modern-day time travel efforts, Marshall Barnes, has released a new report on that the COVID-19 crisis should serve as a wake-up call to get time travel done as a future escape.
BEAVERCREEK, Ohio - April 17, 2020 - PRLog -- The leading figure in modern-day time travel research, Marshall Barnes, has seen a series of threats roll into existence in the wake of his December 2019 release of A Special Report:Temporal Escape. It details the how, when and where for developing time travel to the past as an escape from extinction level events - such as what caused the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists to move the Doomsday clock to 100 seconds to midnight.

Now, that the COVID-19 crisis has gripped the country, Marshall responded with what he called his 12 Monkeys to Midnight scenario, which is an acceleration of the time travel research effort that he already has underway. The project outlined in Temporal Escape is called Earth:12KB4 and involves not only establishing the means and methods to time travel to the past but to set-up settlements 12 thousand years ago to reestablish humanity where it will be many times more safe from extinction level events than any effort to expand into space could ever offer.

Marshall asserts the secrets of time travel have nothing to do with Einstein or his work, a major deviation from the most popular position but then he also points directly to the work of other major physicists, such as John Archibald Wheeler, as the true alternative, along with quantum mechanics, and he's not alone. Neil Turok, a major figure at the Perimeter Institute think tank agrees.

"I like to quote what science writer, Tim Folger wrote in his article about his meeting with Wheeler," Marshall says.

"By the time the astronomers decide which measurement to make...the photon could have already journeyed for billions of years, long before life appeared on Earth. The measurements made now, says Wheeler, determine the photon's past. In one case  they create a past in which a photon took both possible routes from the quasar to Earth."

He points out the key phrase is the astronomers "create a past" with their actions and all that's needed is for them to translate where they are into a new past they create and by definition that's time travel.

"The question is whether Earth:12KB4 will get funded in time before the next pandemic or other event happens that could wipe humanity out. COVID-19 is a warning. A shot across the bow, if you will."

To read, 12 Monkeys To Midnight COVID-19  Warning see

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