Marshall Barnes Delivers Time Travel Breakthrough Info On Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis As Promised

Last night Marshall Barnes left no doubt that he's the leading time travel researcher in the world, revealing for the first time the key quantum mechanics for time travel to the past.
PORTLAND, Ore. - March 20, 2020 - PRLog -- Just as Neil Turok, of the Perimeter Institute in Canada had predicted on Horizon, back in 2018, the apparent solution to time travel to the past is indeed found buried in the weird solutions of quantum mechanics and Marshall Barnes, the internationally noted R&D engineer of advanced concept science and technology, pulled out all the stops to explain it last night on Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis.

At one point, Marshall said he wanted to take a moment to read a passage of an article from Discover magazine on the famous physicist, John Archibald Wheeler, who Marshall cites as an early pioneer who contributed much to what is now true time travel science. He then momentarily lost his place before regaining it and unleashing what was one of the most profound statements ever heard on radio.

"In one case the astronomers create a past in which a photon took both possible routes from the quasar to Earth. Alternatively, they retroactively force the photon onto one straight trail toward their detector, even though the photon began its jaunt long before any detectors existed."

The key phrase, Marshall pointed out, was "create a past". "All we have to do is then create a past using quantum measurements - with us in it, and that's time travel".

He said that all time travel, or changing the past, involves copies of the times in question, and not any literal travel backward through time. Instead, the process is instantaneous - the most dangerous thing about doing the research - being sure not to trigger a sudden change by mistake. He added they "have the process under control, however."

Much of their conversation centered around Marshall's idea of using time travel to the past as an escape from extinction level events and both Clyde and he cited the COVID-19 crisis as a wake-up call. Clyde also cited the quality of Marshall's research and the many papers and experiments he has conducted, something that makes Marshall a stand-out when compared to many other researchers. Marshall said he has launched a new project, he calls Operation COVID-19: The 12 Monkeys to Midnight Situation, which is his attempt to accelerate the research to finalize their current position at the goal line to making time travel to the past a reality so he, and potentially a government program, can make use of it and escape the present for destinations in copies of the past.

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