5 Must-Haves When Going Clothes Shopping in the Era of Coronavirus

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Retail Dressing Room
Retail Dressing Room
LOS ANGELES - March 19, 2020 - PRLog -- As the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues, many clothing retailers have temporarily closed. Once they re-open, online shopping may remain an attractive option but there are situations where the in-store experience is important. This ranges from a required in-person evaluation of style and fit to spontaneous purchases made at a retailer carrying a mix of clothing and other products. Retail businesses are taking precautions to create a safe environment. But according to a 2015 article from Bustle, multiple people trying on a single garment can leave harmful infections and bacteria in that store merchandise. Read more at bustle.com.

"In addition to the measures taken by retailers, it is important for customers to be proactive in making their shopping experience as hygienic as possible," says Sheryll Fraze, owner of Garment Saver: a US-based company that designs clothing protectors such as hygienic makeup guards for the face.

Garment Saver suggests these 5 items for a Shopping Hygiene Kit.
  1. Sanitizing hand and face wipes. These kill and remove soil and germs. Use them before and after trying on clothing and maybe to wipe down dressing room surfaces like door knobs and hooks as you enter and leave.

  2. An assortment of full coverage under-undergarments. These can help minimize the spread of bacteria to exposed skin, if there are any lingering in store clothing. Include several types of items (e.g. tee shirts, body shapers, pantyhose and bodysuits) to have the best option based on the type of merchandise being tried on.

  3. Socks and knee-highs for shoe try-ons. Those cute shoes in the store may have bacteria from other people's feet. Thick socks to try sneakers and knee highs to try dress shoes are a hygienic necessity.

  4. Adhesive bandages. Even small cuts can make one susceptible to infection, if germ particles are harbored in store merchandise.  So, it is imperative to have some bandages handy for covering up small abrasions and nicks before trying on clothing.

  5. A disposable hygienic face cover to pull clothing over the head. While it does not prevent the spread of viruses, it may act as a barrier against the transfer of infectious particles to or from the face. Plus, it also helps to keep hairstyle in place and makeup from smudging.
These items are but a few of the things that customers can carry to take proactive, hygienic measures and ensure peace of mind on their shopping trips.

About Garment Saver
Garment Saver designs clothing guards; including makeup protector masks, travel accessories and specialty garment bags. The makeup guard is manufactured and shipped entirely from US locations. Please visit them at Garment Saver.


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