5 Tips for Creating A Hygienic Retail Dressing Room in the Era of Coronavirus

Common sense practices to keep clients feeling reassured and safe.
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Garment Saver Makeup Guard
Garment Saver Makeup Guard
LOS ANGELES - March 18, 2020 - PRLog -- As the coronavirus COVID-19 threat continues, retailers have implemented strict cleaning regimens to create a safe environment. While purchasing online is the answer for many clothing shoppers, the in-store experience may be a necessary part of some purchasing transactions. But according to a 2015 article from Bustle, multiple people trying on a single garment can leave harmful infections and bacteria in that store merchandise. Read more at bustle.com.

"It is important for retail clothing stores to adopt the same attention to hygienic care inside the dressing room as they would in other areas of their store," says Sheryll Fraze, owner of Garment Saver: a US-based company that designs clothing protectors such as hygienic makeup guards for the face.

To help retail clothing stores in this era of Coronavirus COVID-19, Garment Saver offers these 5 tips to create a safe shopping experience.

  1. Offer customers sanitizing hand wipes. Hand-wipes both kill and remove soil and germs. Wipes can also be used on the face.

  2. Post signage about maintaining proper hygiene. This includes A) Encouraging the use of full coverage undergarments to minimize the spread of bacteria and viruses on exposed skin. B) Giving instructions on the use of sanitizing wipes on the face and hands before and after trying on garments C) Using any provided protective covers such as try-on socks or make-up guards.

  3. Wipe dressing room handles, mirrors and hooks throughout the day. It will keep these often-touched areas sanitized against lingering bacteria and viruses.

  4. Make wiping counters and racks a public display. It may seem contrary but seeing the staff regularly cleaning surface areas and racks will give customers the confidence that the store is being proactive in caring for their well being.

  5. Consider offering a disposable, hygienic face cover if customers need to pull clothing over their head. While it does not prevent the spread of viruses, it may act as a barrier against the transfer of infectious particles to or from the face of the client. It may also help clients feel more secure trying on clothes in public places and it protects valuable store inventory from lipstick smudges and other makeup stains.
These measures are but a few of the things clothing retailers can do to deal with the challenges of doing business in the face of the Coronavirus pandemic, and reassure clients that they will have a hygienic shopping experience.

About Garment Saver
Garment Saver designs clothing guards; including makeup protector masks, travel accessories and garment bags. The makeup guard is manufactured and shipped entirely from US locations. Please visit them at garmentsaver.com


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