Marshall Barnes Reveals Time Travel Solution Predicted By Neil Turok Of Canada's Perimeter Institute

Just as announced, Marshall Barnes delivered, during 2 sessions before the coronavirus aborted the All-Con convention, solutions making time travel to the past closer than ever.
ADDISON, Texas - March 15, 2020 - PRLog -- In an episode of Horizon, broadcast originally on the BBC in July 2018, and aired earlier this month on the Science Channel, Neil Turok, of Canada's Perimeter Institute physics think tank, stated, "no one has any plausible idea of how to go backwards in time right now..." adding however that, "One should never say never, because some clever person will come along and tell you how to break the rule."

Internationally noted, advanced concept R&D engineer, Marshall Barnes, proved he is that "clever person" at the All-Con science fiction convention in Addison, TX last weekend before the coronavirus caused the county to shut the event down.

"I'm going to get right to it. Practical time travel has nothing to do with Einstein, who didn't even like the idea, or either of his theories of Relativity. John Archibald Wheeler laid it out with his galactic scale example of the delayed choice experiment. By making quantum measurements on photons that arrive from a distant star but are subjected to galactic lensing on the way here, you can change the path they took though they left millions of years ago...", Marshall said, opening his first talk. "All you need is switch it around determining how to make a measurement so you change the present you're in into a copy of a designated past and that's time travel without all the requirements and constraints of Relativity. And using Aharonov's 1992 quantum measurement approach, as the ignition."

Marshall, along other details, also cited others contributing to the field, like Andrew Cleland, Rainer Plaga, David Deutsch, and Yakir Aharonov but noted Ronald Mallett is by all accounts, a media hoax who's never written the papers or done related experiments, yet just recently another wave of publicity about him hit - featuring the same story that has been reported over the last 17 years. Attendees eagerly agreed.

Marshall didn't let the irony of the current pandemic, go unnoticed, either.

"I released Temporal Escape (see ), a report on how we're so close to time travel to the past, its completion should be funded for the purposes of saving a far larger percentage people, in case of extinction level events, than space travel ever could. Now look what's happened. So I'm launching Operation Covid-19: The 12 Monkeys to Midnight Situation, as a response - the immediate acceleration of my effort to get time travel to the past operational in case escape is required." (

Jake Shisler
Location:Addison - Texas - United States
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