Introducing the MY SphereCard in the Time of the Coronavirus

Real Estate Profinder, LLC launches the MY SphereCard. Behind the coronavirus, people worldwide are beginning to understand the importance of virtual technology as a way to do business and still stay safe. It does require people to take the initiative to learn new methods with technology to do the same old things. MY SphereCard makes it easy to safely share and connect directly with the real estate professional skills in today's pandemic of the coronavirus.
By: Real Estate Profinder, LLC
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My Spherecard Message Board
My Spherecard Message Board
NEW YORK & EAST LONDON, U.K. - March 12, 2020 - PRLog -- The MY SphereCard has launched its app at the most appropriate time. The current pandemic of the coronavirus has made virtual technology valued. Health officials say that the virus can live on cardboard surfaces for up to 24 hours, 2 to 3 days on other types of cover. People should hold their breath and move at least six feet from someone that sneezes or coughs then wash their hands and face with soap and water.

This virus makes everyone want to reconsider passing paper documents between one another. Yet, the reality is the world cannot completely shut down behind trying to contain this virus. The virtual technology of the MY SphereCard will take business card ideas to a higher level in all aspects of self-marketing that adds safety, efficiency, and organization to real estate professionals.

Katie Hall, a marketing director at Real Estate Profinder, LLC, says, "My SphereCard name amplifies the importance of the user's sphere of influence. A Nielsen Report states that "Recommendation From Friends Remains Most Credible Form of Advertisement." Our research found that most consumers are turned off by real estate websites with too much to view rather than the necessary information that addresses their immediate questions. So our app is strategically designed."

The MY SphereCard provides the consumer that is looking to buy, sell, or rent real estate properties ways to get direct contact with a real estate professional to get personalized information. Users will be able to learn about the professional's area of expertise, make appointments, notifications, direct access with the call button, and message with document upload to make the experience satisfying.

Consumer access to a real estate professional's MY SphereCard is always free. The real estate professionals are offered a monthly subscription for the virtual business card by which they get 30 days free trial.

For the protection of real estate professionals and consumers, it is a requirement that users register to use the message feature. Only the professional of choice will see a consumer's profile picture.

My SphereCard is on the Real Estate Profinder App that is available from the various App stores. However, if users do not have enough space on their device for download, it can be accessed via the web at

MY SphereCard is for the same reasons as a business card. The only difference is that it is shared virtually to a person's mobile device, where the receiver can save it indefinitely.


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