Anthony Thompson And Company announces Fraud Recovery Assessments and Asset Tracing Recovery services

By: Anthony Thompson And Company
NEW PROVIDENCE, Bahamas - March 12, 2020 - PRLog -- AnthonyThompson And Company will partner with financial investigators and forensic accountants who have deep experience in the tracing and recovery of assets.
Our professionals also have deep experience working in foreign jurisdictions while fully complying with local regulations to identify and recover ill-gotten assets.
Once we have identified hidden assets, we turn to the recovery phase. During this phase, we work with our experienced network of lawyers, investigators, and analysts throughout the world to ensure the necessary and legally sufficient steps are taken to freeze the funds, eventually returning them to the victims.
The crux of most investment frauds is the fraudster's wholesale abuse of trust and reliance. Victim investors will often place their trust and reliance in the fraudster, for example, due to his convincing representations of having highly regarded professional competence, or due to his representations of having sincere cultural or faith affinities with the victims. Because the fraudster carefully cultivates the trust relationship, victims will often neglect to carry out an appropriate level of due diligence on the fraudster prior to transferring their funds into his control. Furthermore, sophisticated fraudsters often employ the assistance of third party individuals and entities in order to re-convey and "substantiate" the fraudsters' false representations, and to launder and conceal the victims' assets.
We will offer litigation support and advisory services to corporations, individuals, and in-house and outside counsel in a way that contains costs and increases the likelihood of a successful outcome.

Specific services include the following:
  • Conducting targeted investigations to develop evidentiary quality facts, utilizing techniques like undercover approaches, human source interviews, and online and in-field surveillance.
  • Investigating and developing detailed profiles of adverse parties for use in depositions, investigative interviews, and trials.
  • Reviewing financial records, and providing expert forensic accounting analysis.
  • Investigating and assessing the backgrounds of proffered experts, both adverse and retained.
  • Identifying and locating assets in order to facilitate post-judgment collection of awards.
  • Identifying, locating, and interviewing crucial fact sources and witnesses.
  • Conducting targeted research and investigations to establish jurisdiction in desired locations.
  • Detecting, preserving, and analyzing electronic evidence.
Our partners consist of a global network of forensic accountants and financial investigators provides the coverage and expertise necessary to address the complex challenges facing our clients in a world of ever-evolving fraud schemes. Our experts have spent years "following the money" globally to solve complex frauds and disputes, and they understand the importance of in-depth analysis of documents from multiple sources to inform investigative findings. Whether the matter involves internal and external fraud, regulatory and law enforcement scrutiny, or FCPA/UK Bribery Act matters, our experts have the depth and breadth of experience to find answers efficiently and effectively for our clients.


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