Awesome New Resource "Political Candidate Inventory" (PCI) just in time for the 2020 Elections and FREE, Today 03/10, on Amazon Kindle!

Finally, PCI, a valuable candidate assessment tool now available for arming voters with the ultimate resource to define key elements of any candidate running office. Now, Voters can weed out bad players from ideal candidates & Manage Their Democracy Again.
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Political Candidate Invenfory-Managing Democracy!
Political Candidate Invenfory-Managing Democracy!
LOS ANGELES - March 10, 2020 - PRLog -- Political Candidate Inventory (PCI), Returning Responsible Politics to American Democracy and Restoring the American Majority Right to Choose!

Donald Trump, much like GWB, Obama, and Hillary, are Owned and Operated by the very same Criminal Elites in the Banking, Military Complex, and Petroleum Industries.

Yes, Trump and Hillary act like they are adversaries, yet have more in common than any real differences they could claim.

Just like his predecessor, Trump Has NOT Prosecuted any of the Criminals before him, for any of the crimes they committed, and the War Economy is Bigger Than Ever!


NO TAX Cuts for the American Majority, just the Criminal Elite!
NO Investment in Rebuilding Our American Infrastructure!
NO Reduction in Military Spending but the Largest Budget Ever!
NO Reduction in Costly WARS as promised just more Wars!
NO Policies to Make America Great Again, just a Wall & Talk!

The 1% Elites still hold the collective wealth belonging to America and the American Majority and nothing has changed since the 1963 - 1968 assassinations.

Let's make 2020 the beginning of a New Trend in America to Vote-In Responsible Candidates with a History of Performance and Ethics!

The PCI or "Political Candidate Inventory" gives Voters the tool they need for holding all political candidates accountable to a higher standard.

It is amazing that the past four presidents have refused to disclose their tax statement prior to or during their terms in office!

These characters are running for the highest office in the land and they refuse to show voters how much they have contributed in taxes to Make America Great again?

If a candidate refuses to show their tax return which indicates the level they contribute to the well being of our nation, if they are not proud of what they contribute, then the need to look for work elsewhere!

The "Political Candidate Inventory" PCI locks out all of the shysters, con artists, liars and cheats and those who you may not want as your neighbor let alone your president!

It is time to bring ethics, morality, responsibility and trust back into Our Democracy and to Start Managing Our Democracy again!




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