"Employee Engagement" No More: New Book Details the Fresh Paradigm for Organizations to Grow, Thrive and Stay Alive

"If Your Water Cooler Could Talk" garners multiple 5-star Amazon reviews as readers embrace its guidance on "Organizational Engagement," a new dynamic that embraces employees' desires to be part of mission-driven organizations with defined road maps to success. Its approach of "Less Me - More We" keeps workers engaged and productive, a critical concern of many organizations as demographic trends squeeze the labor force.
By: Dr. Jim Bohn
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"If Your Water Cooler Could Talk" by Dr. Jim Bohn
"If Your Water Cooler Could Talk" by Dr. Jim Bohn
GRAFTON, Wis. - March 3, 2020 - PRLog -- "Employee Engagement" is fading fast – a victim of corporate indifference, worn-out employees and its own de-evolution into a "check the box" pursuit.

Its replacement? "Organizational Engagement," a new paradigm built around employees' need to feel they're part of something successful, one where they believe "We have what it takes to get things done." Workers want less touch … and more trust in their employers' road maps.

"If Your Water Cooler Could Talk," a new book by Dr. Jim Bohn, explains how "Organizational Engagement" knocks down silos, renews employees' interest and motivation, and provides clear direction for leadership to build workers' faith in the organization. The book has garnered multiple positive reviews on Amazon (all five-star) for its fresh approach to a longstanding challenge – one only poised to grow as demographic trends squeeze the labor force.

"Organizational Engagement is about 'Less Me – More We,'" said Bohn, a veteran of the corporate world who led organizational change, operations and customer service. "Employees want to be part of a winning team. They want to know there's a direction, and leadership to take it there. They don't want to be part of a company where the departments don't talk to each other."

What do employees think of an organization? Do they believe it has a clear mission, partnered with the leadership and strategies to carry it out? The answers increasingly determine whether they stay or go.

"If Your Water Cooler Could Talk" offers a revolutionary take on organizations. Its perspective is outward, not inward. Bohn, author of six published books on leadership and hands-on organizational management, contends that employees don't want their hands held ("employee engagement") – they want assurance their work matters, and moves the organization forward.

Bohn identifies six critical elements – the Six C's - of organizational behavior:

·       Clarity of Mission: Leaders talk about mission … yet do their people really know what it is?

·       Cohesion: Are people really working together?

·       Communication: Hitting the "Send" button does not qualify as "communication." Do employees believe they are well informed, and their feedback matters?

·       Conviction: Do employees believe the organization will persist in tough times, such as a product recall, FDA rejection, or bout of seriously bad publicity?

·       Consequences: Do people feel they're treated fairly at work? Is there a level of corporate accountability to employees?

·       Commitment: Does the organization's leadership actually get things done?

Employees are truly engaged by assessing the Six C's in their organizations. Defining these elements, and mastering them, will transform an organization. "If Your Water Cooler Could Talk" is based on Bohn's own research, plus years of observing and interacting with many organizations in the Fortune 500.

"Employee Engagement" had its time, Bohn explains. The concept shook leaders out of antiquated management practices, and got them thinking about employees. However, its practices barely moved the needle. Workers tired of the approach, and managers fell into a "check- the- box" mentality simply to get it done.

A new era has dawned, Bohn says – and with it, the need for "Less Me – More We."

"Above all, an organization can build employee buy-in by simply demonstrating that it's competent," Bohn says. "Organizational Engagement is about everyone working together, where silos are replaced by common purpose."

"I won't lie: It's hard work," he adds. "But the millennial generation prizes collaboration, authenticity and transparency. Employers need to get on board with the idea that creating employee confidence in their organizations will be essential to attracting and retaining talent. Achieve this personal investment, and the sky's the limit."

"If Your Water Cooler Could Talk" is available at Amazon and https://drjimbohn.com/if-your-water-cooler-could-talk/. Keep up to date with Bohn on Twitter at @DrJimBohn.


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