Anti-Wormhole Missile Breakthrough! Marshall Barnes Targets Mansouryar Iranian Missile Research

In a surprising development, internationally noted R&D engineer Marshall Barnes announces a breakthrough in the ability to target the Mansouyar wormhole missile technology which has been a theoretical threat for over a decade.
TEHRAN, Iran - March 4, 2020 - PRLog -- "I'm not revealing my solution because I don't want Iran to know about it. But it's elegant and simple and I'd say, rather sexy as far as anti-weapons solutions go."

So said internationally followed and noted, Marshall Barnes, R&D Eng, who himself is often read by representatives of foreign military organizations such as India's Technology Forecasting, HRD, IPR & ISoO 9001 Department at Defence Research And Development Organisation.

Hidden within the context of several interviews, a decade old, is the description of a theoretical aerospace technology by an Iranian physicist that suddenly becomes obvious as a nuclear threat of unheard of potential. The Iranian physicist is Mohammed Mansouryar and the aerospace technology is a theoretical spacecraft using a self-generating wormhole as a warp drive. The nuclear threat? Substitute the spacecraft for a missile disappearing, then emerging to strike the target.

At first Marshall was horrified, including the threat in his study, A Special Report:Temporal Escape, as one of the reasons why time travel to the past should be pursued as a back-up survival method for extinction level events, like nuclear war. However, not long after the report was published, preceding the moving of the Doomsday clock to 100 seconds to midnight by 16 days, Marshall envisioned counter measures to this new nuclear threat.

"I'm not telling the solution, which is not limited to the challenge presented by this one freaky thought problem, which is all that it is until Iran actually builds one of those missiles."

Mansouryar has been called by some as the Iranian Einstein, a moniker Marshall scoffs at.

"Whoever came up with that has very little understanding about what made Einstein, Einstein. Mansouryar's not even in my league, over all, let alone Einstein. He posted some remark about how he doesn't agree with my physics for warp drive, but oh, too bad - my operational platform's on my company web site making a car go faster than its own speed and the speed increase is invisible to radar. It's already done."

Though he indicates otherwise below, April 6, 2008 Mansouryar, by command of the General Headquarters of Armed Forces to Army, was transferred to DIRTI (the Defence Industries Research and Training Institute) of the Ministry of Defense Armed Forces Logistics or MODFAL in order to research his project on spacewarps.

You can read, A Special Report: Temporal Escape at (

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