An Indigenous Inquirer Asks A Presidential Candidate Questions About His Campaign

Chance Trahan Is Running For US President And He's Here To Take Care Of Business
LOS ANGELES - Feb. 13, 2020 - PRLog -- A pretty indigenous girl with black hair and dark eyes asks a 2020 Presidential Candidate about his campaign, "You want to become President?" This sparks a conversation. Chance takes time away to answer her. He confirms that he is and she jabs, "What you doing if you did become president?"

"I'ma take care of 3 things," he assures, "Veterans, Indigenous, and Legal Immigrants."

She is curious to know more and asks, "How?"

"Well, Veterans, I'm going to fix the VA by suggesting they hold accountability, or we no longer allow them to treat Veterans ever again. It would be against the law for them to service a Veteran based on strict procedures to–follow and bench–marks that they need to meet in order to be up–to–code that would be satisfactory enough to be deemed worthy of a Veteran who served in the military. To serve is a privilege, but to serve them is also a privilege as well. You take away that privilege and I guarantee you that they'll be playing ball in no–time just to get those government contracts back. Make sure Veterans aren't homeless and are in a program to get them real–work for real–money," he remarks.

With how many tribesmen have joined the US Military in–mind, the Indigenous girl looks to the Candidate as if he's got her full attention.

He carries on to say, "Indigenous, I'm going to settle all the disputes tribes have with the big bad Government that I possibly can. Honor the Heritage once and for all. Make sure you have access to your land and assets that your families own. And no more of this Reservation mumbo jumbo. Run the land how you want to run it. It's ridiculous what the Government is doing to you guys."

Chance Trahan isn't even done fully answering her question and she says, "You got my vote."

Chance thanks her, and then smiles and laughs to himself before concluding with, "And Legal Immigrants don't feel safe with what's going on over at the border. So I will make sure that Immigrants that came to USA legally have decision–making rights over what happens to Immigrants when they cross into the US illegally. They should have rights to grants and benefits that criminal and refugee immigrants can't get. It's time to give back to the communities that made this country what it is today for real this time."

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