Insightra Medical Inc. launches "The Hernia Alliance"

Insightra Medical Inc., USA and Healing Hands Group of Clinics India to establish exclusive partnership for inguinal hernia surgeries
Healing Hands Founder Dr. Ashwin Porwal and Insightra’s CEO Kai Trompeter
Healing Hands Founder Dr. Ashwin Porwal and Insightra’s CEO Kai Trompeter
DUBAI, UAE - Feb. 12, 2020 - PRLog -- Insightra Medical Inc. launches a new global business unit – "The Hernia Alliance" - as a global clinical partnership initiative, signing an exclusive partnership agreement with Healing Hands Clinic in India

Insightra's CEO, Kai Trompeter, explained:  "The Hernia Alliance will be a global platform giving patients access to our revolutionary inguinal hernia repair technology, the ProFlor Dynamic Hernia Implant."

Inguinal Hernia ranks among the most common surgeries in the world. In the USA alone, over 800,000 patients undergo inguinal hernia repair annually. Today's standard of care is an open repair technique, where the top of the hernia defect "gets patched" with a simple piece of flat, polypropylene onlay mesh. This technique is associated with a very high likelihood of developing hernia mesh related chronic pain. Widely accepted studies have shown that 18% of all patients undergoing onlay hernia mesh repair develop chronic pain.  "We can basically fill a large football stadium every year, with new hernia mesh related chronic pain patients in the USA alone."

The most common alternative to open inguinal hernia repair is a minimal invasive procedure, where a flat polypropylene mesh is placed on the bottom (posterior) of the hernia defect. "This still only patches the hernia and does not heal the defect," says Kai Trompeter.  "While the procedure is considered a "Minimal Invasive" surgical procedure, that only applies to the keyhole access the surgeons use. The procedure takes about 2 hours, requires full, general anaesthesia and is as invasive to the interior of the human body as an open procedure would be, if not more so."

"Our ProFlor Dynamic Hernia Implant functions like a spring. It is inserted into the hernia defect and does not require any fixation. Its dynamic capabilities allow the implant to move with the muscle, and therefore the body uses the ProFlor Dynamic Hernia Implant as a scaffold to regrow healthy, vascularized muscle tissue. This healthy muscle tissue completely obliterates the defect and closes it. We eliminate this big issue of hernia mesh related chronic pain." A Dynamic Hernia Implant surgery lasts around 20 minutes under local anaesthesia and only leaves a very small scar, which is almost invisible. Multiple studies have shown significantly reduced post-operative pain, allowing patients to be discharged the same day. Over 10,000 ProFlor Dynamic Hernia Implant procedures have been performed worldwide and studies have followed patients for up to 72 months, showing a complete absence of chronic pain, significantly reduced post-operative pain, 6 times less consumption of pain medication following surgery and a recurrence rate well below the current standard of care.

"While inguinal hernia repair ranks among the most common surgeries in the world, there are only very few specialists in the world. In the USA almost 20,000 general surgeons are licensed and the average surgeon repairs maybe one inguinal hernia per week. For Insightra, as a young company, it is very difficult to try to communicate our innovation to 20,000 surgeons, train them and support them. For this reason, we have created a new business unit "The Hernia Alliance".  Through "The Hernia Alliance" we exclusively partner with select day care centers, where patients can be operated and receive our ProFlor Dynamic Hernia Implant.  Rather than selling to 20,000 general surgeons, we aim to partner with maximum 50 Centers in the USA and in select other locations in the world.  This way we can assure our best support and optimal quality control and patient outcome," says Kai Trompeter.

HERNIA ALLIANCE PARTNERSHIP IN INDIA – "Insightra has operated in India for almost 10 years, selling innovative medical devices.  Already thousands of patients have been operated on with our ProFlor Dynamic Hernia Implant device in India and Healing Hands Clinic and Dr. Ashwin Porwal, together with his colleagues Dr. Paresh Gandhi and Dr. Deepak Kulkarni have been at the forefront of introducing this innovation to India, also having trained over 100 surgeons from across the globe. Yet a country wide rollout in India is at least as challenging as it is in the USA, and Insightra and Healing Hands Clinic have now signed a letter of intent for an exclusive pan-India partnership."  Both partners will share the procedural and business cost and revenue of offering patients access to the unique and revolutionary ProFlor Dynamic Hernia Implant surgery through "The Hernia Alliance".  "Besides India we are also discussing an extension of our partnership with Healing Hands Clinic into other global markets and we are excited about the opportunities this will bring to both partners and the benfits it will bring to patients," says Kai Trompeter.

Dr.Porwal explains "Through "The Hernia Alliance" Partnership and Healing Hands Pan-India Network of currently 12 clinics, we are able to reach a large percentage of patients whom are interested in the latest medical innovations and surgical techniques, with a strong desire for superior surgical results.  Healing Hands is already the established market leader in complex, proctological day care procedures and we have gained a lot of experience with the ProFlor Dynamic Hernia Implant over the last few years, witnessing the superior surgical results first hand, having continued to follow up with hundreds of patients over the years.  Our exclusive partnership with Insightra through "The Hernia Alliance" will further establish Healing Hands Clinic as the premiere surgical day care service provider in India."

HEALING HANDS CLINIC - The vision of a single man reinforced by the efforts and assistance of colleagues and co-workers, materialized into the establishment of Healing Hands Clinic, a state-of- the-art clinical setup in the heart of Pune city with a total of 12 clinics across India. A brainchild of its founder Dr Ashwin Porwal, it is one of the very few super specialty Proctology clinics in India, providing the finest care to those suffering from a spectrum of diseases that includes Piles ( Mulvyadh ), Constipation and Fistula ( Bhagandar ) amongst others. In a quest to be at par with the global standards, the clinic is equipped with the most advanced and innovative treatments available for the management of anorectal disorders.  Healing Hands also treated hundreds of inguinal hernia patients with the ProFlor Dynamic Hernia Implant and will roll out this super specialization for inguinal hernia repair throughout India.  Healing Hands Clinic aims to be present in over 20 locations throughout India by the end of 2020 and targets to open its first international clinic in Dubai still this year.

INSIGHTRA MEDICL INC. - Insightra Medical is an innovative medical device company focused on developing, manufacturing and selling value-add devices to Ambulatory Surgery Centers. Insightra Medical Inc. was founded in March of 2001 and was originally located in Irvine, California. Today headquartered in Clarksville, Tennessee, Insightra has grown into a true global company with a presence in over 30 countries.

THE HERNIA ALLIANCE – The Hernia Alliance is a new business unit of Insightra Medical, under which Insightra enters into exclusive partnerships with select Ambulatory Surgery Centers globally, to provide patients access to its revolutionary ProFlor Dynamic Hernia Implant.

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