Seattle Podcast is Bringing Back Polari, the Secret Gay Language

Gayish podcast reclaims LGBT history by teaching its audience Polari
SEATTLE - Feb. 3, 2020 - PRLog -- Polari, a little-known gay language, has been declining in use since the 1960s. Now, this gay podcast is bringing it back by working Polari words into their episodes—and our fans are all about it.

Polari is a cant language, a form of slang so gays could drop coded words to identify each other when homosexuality was criminalized. It originated recognizable terms like camp, butch, and fruit, but full sentences in Polari would be indecipherable to those who didn't know it, such as, Bona to vada your dolly eek (translation: good to see your pretty face). In the last few years, stories about Polari jumped to the forefront with articles on sites like and a YouTube video with over 1 million views. However, in spite of the recent coverage, there's no next step, no way to actually learn Polari.

Until now.

Gayish, the podcast about gay stereotypes, is on a mission to bring back Polari and make it easy to learn. We started with one short episode, Polari Primer, to get people up to speed on the basics. Now, each weekly episode will include one Polari word so our audience can learn as we do, simply and easily.

We're excited to reclaim our history through Polari, help others do the same, and—let's be honest—talk about people in front of them without them knowing.

Gayish is an LGBT podcast that discusses gay stereotypes. It's in the top 5% of podcast based on downloads, has hit #11 on the iTunes Top 100 Sexuality podcasts, and appeared on NPR's WNYC podcast, All Of It.

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