Las Vegas Shooting Survivor Runs For US President

Chance Trahan Discusses His Campaign For Las Vegas – Clark County: Sheriff
LAS VEGAS - Feb. 1, 2020 - PRLog -- Why Won't Donald Trump Say Anything About The Las Vegas Shooting In The Media? That's the question being asked that's begging for thread. The world wants to know why Donald Trump isn't doing anything about it at all. Why is it so secretive? Is it because it involves Ivanka Trump? And what's this whole thing with Jared Kushner and the RFID chipping? Is Elon Musk involved? These are the questions being asked by 2020's favorite Presidential Candidate, Chance Trahan.

"What's ol' DC Donald got to hide? Like Bugs Bunny says, 'Hey, what's the big idea?' With all the proof that's out there, we just learned that 9/11 is a hoax for sure. If you follow the money, you can clearly see who's directly responsible for these staged tragedies. Take George Soros for example, he and Jim Murren profited $190BILLION from the Las Vegas Shooting at Mandalay Bay. Little Jimmy is a firm Hillary Clinton supporter and let me tell you something, him and George Soros had her turning tricks just for him to be able to pull that off," he says.

Chance ran for Sheriff of Clark County Las Vegas against incumbent Joe Lombardo and won over the public with his own documented investigation into the Las Vegas shooting.

He's quoted as saying, "Yeah, that Las Vegas Shooting documentary I'm working on shows footage of that Stephen Paddock character doing what appears to be some kind of child-trafficking deal where he oversees and then escorts a lady with two kids that don't look like they belong to her in the valet of a Clark County casino."

Chance is under the impression that the Las Vegas Shooting and other mass shootings are child kidnapping coverups. On his podcast he can be heard saying the facts that he's learned about the new school shooting drills that are very alarming when you start to question things.

Chance had this to say about the podcast, "I'm clearly upset by what I found out when I heard what goes on in a school shooter drill. You can hear it in my voice. It's frightening to think that you could be sending your kid to be kidnapped when you shove them off for school for the day. The average sex trafficking victim is 12 years old. That's another frightening fact. Why do you think I'm doing these podcasts? I'm trying to save the world."

Listen to the "Sheriff Says Wassup" [School Shooter Drills] podcast episode here:

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