Deep State Is Hijacking The 2020 Primary Election

California Cock–Blocks Voters In This Year's Primary Election
LOS ANGELES - Jan. 30, 2020 - PRLog -- #BREAKING California is saying that you can't just vote for whatever president you want. We're assuming that this is an attack on a specific Presidential Candidate, Chance Trahan.

"Every single time it comes down to elections, the deep state has found ways to keep me off the ballots or to make it extremely difficult to vote for me. California is making everyone re-register as a certain party to vote for a certain president, you can't just vote for whatever president you want, you don't ultimately have the freedom of choice at the polling booth regardless of your registration. So, on the day of election, if you are a Republican and you wanted to vote for a Nonpartisan, how would you be able vote Nonpartisan? The answer is simply that, you wouldn't," Chance reveals.

"This is just like last time, when I tried running for Sheriff of Clark County Las Vegas (Nevada) Deep State wanted me off the County's ballots and silenced. Why tho?🤷🏻‍♂️👻 I honestly feel bad for Donald Trump because I am just one of the people who tried helping him fight the deep state that faces legal issues because of this, he's not lying. I tried. I never went to DC, but I went to Alaska and boy, that wasn't no walk in the park, & I'm still trying," he adds.

Trahan concludes with, "I just want to thank everyone who supports me. None of this is easy, however, I'm trying anyways. I'm doing this whole thing by myself, so if you think one person can't make a difference, then you're dead wrong. Fight for what you believe in and do what you think is best always."

It seems as if Chance Trahan hasn't gotten a break when it comes to the struggles of a presidential bid. He's hosting a self-starter campaign because no one else was brave enough to fight through the trenches with him. He's watched them either become a turncoat, or he's seen them just give up when things get tough.

Chance says this about his Campaign Trail, "It's ultimately led me to solitude because no one understands my mission, and those that do are too scared to pursue it.🥱👻"

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