Americans Were Bombarded by Billions of Robocalls in 2019 but the Problem Is Getting Better, According to Nomorobo

Robocalls Saw a Five Percent Decrease in 2019, and Are Poised to Keep Dropping
NEW YORK - Jan. 30, 2020 - PRLog -- Unsurprisingly, robocalls are still at epidemic levels. According to a report released by Nomorobo, 36% of all calls made in the US in 2019 were illegal or unwanted robocalls.

But that number is actually good news in the fight against robocalls.

There was actually a five percent decrease from 2018, when 41% of all calls were illegal or unwanted robocalls. This decline is part of a downward trend that is poised to continue for the foreseeable future.

2019: The Year that Anti-Robocall Measures Started Making an Impact

Contrary to the claims of Nomorobo's more alarmist competitors, anti-robocall measures are starting to show success.

"Some of our competitors are happy to make the robocall problem seem worse than it actually is," said Aaron Foss, Founder of Nomorobo. "The truth is, the tide is finally turning against scammers and telemarketers."

While Americans are still being relentlessly hounded by robocalls, 2019 marked the year when the tide began to turn.

What Reduced the Robocalls in 2019?

First, many more people chose to protect themselves by using robocall blocking apps and services.

Even better, many of the major carriers integrated robocall blocking tools directly into their networks. Combined, these measures provided customers with much needed extra defense against robocall scammers and fraudsters.

"Having worked together with the anti-robocalling tools offered by companies like Nomorobo, we helped protect our home phone customers from a significant number of spam and robocalls, at no additional cost," says Aparna Khurjekar, Senior Vice President - Customer Experience & Transformation, Verizon. "We're looking forward to our continued partnership with Nomorobo. Both companies are striving to ensure that our customers receive the calls they want and avoid the calls they don't want."

Additionally, the FTC cracked down over 100 illegal robocalling operations and shut down a phone provider that helped send millions, if not billions, of robocalls to unsuspecting victims.

Last but not least, this amazing year in robocall prevention was capped off by the signing of an anti-robocall bill into law on December 31.

"2019 was a landmark year in the war against robocalls, but our work has just begun," said Foss. "We're ecstatic to be working so closely with the carriers and government officials that truly care about stopping these awful scams. The future of robocall technology is looking bright."

Nomorobo analyzed over 1.4 billion calls and stopped more than 512 million robocalls from reaching Americans in 2019.

To see Nomorobo's full robocall report, visit

About Nomorobo

Nomorobo is a cloud-based service that effectively blocks illegal robocalls from reaching consumers' phones. Nomorobo employs a unique, FTC-approved technology that analyzes incoming calls and rapidly detects robocallers, telemarketers, and scammers. Legitimate calls come through normally, but illegal robocalls are stopped before they have a chance to bother the consumer. Nomorobo's service has been integrated into many of the nation's top VoIP phone carriers and mobile apps including Charter Spectrum, Verizon FiOS, Ooma, Sonic, Burner and more.

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