Presidential Candidate: Chance Trahan Supports Federal Cannabis Legalization

The Chance Trahan For President Campaign Takes The US Nation By Storm
LOS ANGELES - Jan. 27, 2020 - PRLog -- In a vast sea of candidates, Chance Trahan distinguishes himself through holding onto his mission at hand. There are many wild-things we could wander into when talking about the missions of a presidential campaign, but today, we're wandering through a forest. A pot–forest that is. Chance Trahan is a cannabis user and actively supports the Federal Legalization of the Cannabis plant.

"We're not talking about meth, bruh, we're talking about a plant," Chance jokes.

Though State Legislations like Nevada are looking at the intoxicating effects of driving while high immediately following the state–wide legalization of cannabis, Trahan vehemently disagrees with this.

"Surely enough, as soon as Nevada legalized Cannabis, they also started searching for ways to penalize it. Who does that? Someone crooked, that's who," he says.

His campaign's top priorities have always consisted of heavy hitters like fixing the Veteran Affairs lack of accountability and reforming the Justice System, Law Enforcement and Military, – but the one that people who smoke weed are especially excited about is his campaign's policy to Federally Legalize Cannabis.

"Nobody in politics has done anything substantial about it yet and you've got to ask yourself why not. They've all talked big about doing it, but so far, nothing major has happened. I'm about getting things done now. That's why I, and the rest of this country, know that I'm the right candidate for this nation."

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