Satanic Child Trafficking Nightmare Distraction On Capitol Hill

Should Americans File A Rico Lawsuit Against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi
LOS ANGELES - Jan. 22, 2020 - PRLog -- Within the emails of Hillary Clinton's insecure server are references to child sacrifice in honor of an inanimate statue, the MLK, or the Moloch. This statue is referenced to in the bible as the cow statue that was worshipped, which was forbidden by The Lord. What they won't allow you to read in today's bibles is the atrocities underneath the Vatican. They've even tried to cover it up on internet search results. 2020 Nonpartisan Presidential Candidate, Chance Trahan, weighs in....

"See, the search results were working too good. You could find anything you wanted to and exactly what you searched for–easily at the tips of your fingers. Nowadays, you can't hardly find what you're looking for that has anything to do with exposing any narratives or grossly neglected crimes, like what you see with this Epstein child trafficking ring. They've successfully censored the internet and even made a hoax Impeachment distraction in D.C.. The bills that they drafted that would censor the internet years ago were reworded and they passed them all they could anyways. Now we're in the dark and many of the things that would cause a political outcry in the war room, much less the streets of Capitol Hill, are being swept underneath the rug again," he says.

"With everything going on, you can only look at Capitol Hill itself. I mean, what's all the fuss for anyways? Why are 2020 Presidential Candidates like Joe Biden so scared for? What's this guy even running for US President for? We've had enough of his politics. We're fed up with what we're being served. And that's why I'm running for US President. This is no joke when I say this, but I don't see a single credible Presidential Candidate other than myself. Everyone is tired of Trump's inaction on the inaction of Congress and the Department of Justice, and that's why I think that Americans should collectively file a RICO lawsuit on Nancy Pelosi. She and her constituents and even her opponents are using this entire Impeachment hoax as a huge racketeering scheme. It's a political extortion machine being used by a corrupt organization, the Deep State. The lawsuit would allow us to actually prosecute the corrupt individuals involved and enforce civil penalties on their corruption. And this, my friends, is how you perform the job that Trump promised he would do, but failed to do so in the four years he's served you as POTUS," Trahan concludes.

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