How Instagram's @Chance4POTUS Thinks Outside The Box

Why is Chance For President using @ChanceCampaign On Twitter
LOS ANGELES - Jan. 19, 2020 - PRLog -- Social Media and Politics have taken the world by storm. So much so, that some Politicians have allegedly silenced social network users from any platform that they feel is a potential threat to them. The account just has to disagree with the narrative and 'boom, down she goes.' 2020 US Presidential Candidate, Chance Trahan, was targeted on social media, and in–real–life by some hate-groups that just so happen to also control the media and law enforcement over his discovery of facts related to the 2017 Route 91 concert shooting in Las Vegas.

Instagram hasn't bothered Chance much, however, Rep McSally of Arizona was also one of the people who allegedly attacked him with several unrelated–reports that were triggered by a comment on her page that she didn't like. Twitter, however, has suspended Chance many times for many years. Each account is attached to a vanity URL. If the account gets suspended, you also lose the link, which can make uniform–branding difficult. So Trahan uses two different URLs, @Chance4POTUS on Instagram, and @ChanceCampaign on Twitter.

With Twitter suspending his emails and phone numbers used to verify his accounts, you can say that being a 2020 Presidential Candidate has Chance thinking outside the box. Take the way he posts images to his 2020 Campaign's Instagram for example. The method he uses to post a photo is unique. Trahan slices the photos into a grid using a separate app and then posts them to display the whole photo spread out in individual posts, and he uses his Instagram stories for all videos and screenshots. To him, this makes the statement that his mission is larger than life itself and that he's not hiding himself from the public.

"I wanted to give the impression that I'm a leader and that my mission is much larger than life itself. The photos represent something much bigger lying behind the scenes if you will," he says of his Instagram posting style.

"I can't just post how I normally post, this is completely different. I've never run for US President before. I said to myself that this also has to be a first and that this has to be a success," Chance said.

"Anyone can come along and Tweet, but it's how you're using the Twitter form that really matters. How are you looking at this form? Sure, it's inanimate, but how are you yourself looking at using this form?" – Chance Trahan

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