A Prescription For The Politically Correct Pacifist aka: Understanding The Art Of Enforcement

Texas based I Lean Right announced the release of a ten-step procedure designed to nullify liberal dogma. The left has weaponized political correctness as a means to enforce behaviors. I Lean Right breaks down the liberal mindset into ten separate pillars that support what most liberals believe are truths. The pillars are, however, nothing more than cult-like dogma that exists solely in the minds of liberals. Understanding the liberal art of enforcement illuminates the dogma for what it is.
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The Art of Enforcement Defined
The Art of Enforcement Defined
DALLAS - Jan. 19, 2020 - PRLog -- I Lean Right announced today that they are releasing a ten-step procedure that nullifies liberal dogma. The current political environment is as polarized as it has ever been in the history of America. Liberal activists, politicians, and left-leaning commentators tend to guard their opinions as though they are facts, and due to the weakness of the opinions they have grown intolerant of differing beliefs. If liberal opinion had real strength it wouldn't be necessary to attempt to stifle the speech of those with differing ideas. I Lean Right approaches liberal dogma from the inside out and exposes the liberal mechanism of mindset enforcement as nothing more than weaponized political correctness. I Lean Right takes the position that liberal dogma is much like indoctrination into a cult; concepts are enforced as beliefs, and failure to uphold the dogma is punished by shunning and attack. According to Brad Barton, I Lean Right's Founder and President, "Liberal dogma is so weak that they want to stop the speech of differing points of view. They attack conservative speech and conservative beliefs with a hatred that's difficult for an outsider to comprehend. Consider the Democrat's impeachment charade without even a sliver of direct evidence. They will try to attack and destroy you personally if you oppose their opinions. That's insecurity 101. That's how cults control the minds of their followers."

The first step of the I Lean Right procedure dissects political correctness and provides insight into turning imagined drawbacks into real advantages when dealing with intolerance and attacks. Barton notes "The information that I deliver through I Lean Right is right-leaning by definition but is also a deconstruction of liberal thought and tactics. So, by that measure, the information is an owner's manual for a conservative." Each step of the procedure breaks down a separate element of liberal dogma and provides specific instructions to help eliminate any adverse effects of that element. The short-term objective is to help restore some civility to political discourse. Longer-term, conservatives should expect to vanquish the persecution of beliefs that is currently a principal thrust of left-leaning activists, politicians, and liberal commentators.

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