Black Dog Gaming and Advrtas Announce Esports & Gaming Partnership

By: Black Dog Gaming
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LOS ANGELES - Jan. 2, 2020 - PRLog -- Esports is a growing multi-billion-dollar global industry that is still in its relative infancy. Providing better branding, content and immersive experiences for players and audiences will be key to the future growth of esports. Black Dog Gaming and Advrtas, have announced a partnership that will enhance growth by bringing interactive and immersive 360º content to companies in this sector.

Advrtas' exclusive and patented technology supports the continuous behavioral optimization of ground-breaking immersive visual content to multiple devices and screens. Easy-to-use immersive content creation tools and a proprietary advanced-analytics engine make the solution especially appealing for fan-building, branding and sponsorship opportunities. "This technology offers an exciting opportunity to not only partner with content creators and brands, but also with large touch-screen providers at Esports events anywhere around the world, creating a proprietary distribution channel for event-based interactive 360º content that can only help to grow the industry," says Advrtas founder, Robert Bruza.

The web-based technology offers the following applications to esports:

▪  MOBILE, DISPLAY & BRAND ADVERTISING – Advrtas supports the creation and programmatic delivery of fully interactive 360° content as any sized banner or interstitial display ad format. 360° is the best way to show naturally immersive Esport game and promotional content while allowing the consumer to drive the advertising experience (by moving device, touch or mouse). Content can also be personalized and self-optimized based on interactivity -- for either a target demographic or an individual.

▪ ESPORT EVENT APP WITH MULTIPLE 360º SCREENS TO FOLLOW ACTION – Advrtas technology can be leveraged to enhance the live Esport event experience by enabling the creation and consumption of traditional and immersive content as immersive 360 º in-app experiences to be enjoyed by both attendees and at-home audiences during events.

▪  ESPORT EVENT SCREENS: ANNOUNCER CONTROLLED 360º VISUAL EXPERIENCES Announcers at Esporting events can control large screen 360° audience experiences from a mobile device. Announcers can automatically update or change content on the fly based on changes at the event or questions from audience.

▪  INTERACTIVE 360º SCREENS FOR SPORTS VENUES & EVENTS – More and more  sporting venues are featuring large 360° screens. This content can be interactive (touch) and/or interface with audience apps, and automatically update based on consumer interactivity.

Black Dog Gaming partner and Hall of Fame artist and tech guru, Arabian Prince had this to say, "Immersive media delivers on the promise of providing Esports fans with more interactive and engaging experiences. Through this partnership with Advrtas, we can offer immersive solutions to businesses today that will naturally contribute to the growth of this burgeoning industry."

Advrtas will be showcasing their groundbreaking technology at the Esports Pitch Fest ( on February 28, 2020 in Garden Grove, CA.

About Black Dog Gaming/Black Dog Venture Partners

Black Dog Gaming is the esports and video game division of Black Dog Venture Partners. Black Dog Venture Partners is a business accelerator that provides access to funding though our network of 13,000 investors, business development though our network of 40,000 business partners, sales/marketing and executive coaching services for disruptive companies. Learn more at

About Advrtas

Advrtas is creating the "Canva" of immersive media (360°, VR, AR, Holographic): a patented easy-to-use content creation tool allowing the average person to quickly and cost-effectively create amazing non-traditional media content publishable to any website, app, mobile device. Advrtas is exclusive in the marketplace, featuring a 100% proprietary tech stack with patented immersive media and device motion technology that supports a broad range of mobile devices (phone, tablet, headset, wearables) and out-of-home digital screens. Advrtas is launching its Beta SaaS platform in January 2020 and is supported by ongoing revenue from custom advertising applications of its technology in the US and Europe.


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