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Rude waiting staff, lousy attitude, and tiresome waiter waits - are some of the worst experiences diners reveal they've ever had at a restaurant. Anybody who enjoys going out to restaurants will inevitably have tales about dining outs that have been spoiled due to long waiter calls. It is fair to expect that dining at a restaurant must be a delightful experience. After all, whether it's a special occasion, or you just can't be arsed to cook, everyone deserves a star treatment while dining.
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Y the Wait - Digital Waiter App - Digital Menu Order
Y the Wait - Digital Waiter App - Digital Menu Order
ROTTERDAM, Netherlands - Dec. 30, 2019 - PRLog -- The Dutch-based 'Y the Wait' is launching a smart digital waiter first time globally to redefine dining experience at restaurants digitally. The idea is quite simple - rather than waiting for a human to come, use the YTW App to order without any errors at leisure. Y the Wait helps users to order food by using a smartphone while dining in. The users will save a lot of time and get served faster.

Y the Wait can take food and drink orders at any time while dining, call the waiter with a single click and pay the bill online with the preferred mode of payment gateway. The users can enjoy personalized deals and offers, the menu at your fingertips, and check happy hours and skip the lines in food courts with Y the Wait.

The benefits for users are enormous - there is no need to wait for busy staff at restaurants to place orders, make donations anywhere in the world, and most importantly, users can filter sort and select restaurants in a few easy steps. Y the Wait is designed to overcome the language barrier globally.

On the other hand, Y the Wait, the era of smart restaurants, visions to provide all the powerful features required to convert any traditional restaurant into a smart restaurant without any investment in no time. From equalizing the kitchen communication to accelerating the pace of taking orders, the app is itself a one-man-army and reduces the overall use of pen and paper. Y the Wait is crafted with a sole aim to exceptionally enhance the restaurant management and also augment their customer's satisfaction. The app utilizes artificial intelligence to analyze consumer behavior and assists restaurants to make extra turnover up to 33%.

About the company

Y the Wait is an automated smart restaurant app that offers online check-in, food order, and delivery services. "The development of Y the Wait revolves around the idea to overcome inconveniences people have to go through while ordering food in restaurants," says the company CEO, Mr. Simranjit Singh Grewal. The Dutch startup, the era of smart restaurants - Y the Wait, is funded and supported by Canada's Acer investment group.


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