83bar Featured in Pharma Tech Outlook as a Top 10 Marketing Solution Provider for Pharma industry

· 83bar selected for its concierge platform to help move passive patients to active healthcare consumers
· Publication recognized 83bar for "positive results from its hard work," illustrated by growing patient database, plus client and employee satisfaction
By: 83bar, LLC
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83bar recognized as Top 10 Marketing Solution Provider
83bar recognized as Top 10 Marketing Solution Provider
AUSTIN, Texas - Dec. 2, 2019 - PRLog -- 83bar, LLC is proud to announce that it was recently selected by Pharma Tech Outlook magazine as one of the Top 10 Marketing Solution Providers of 2019 in recognition of its innovative concierge platform, Patient Activation.

In the article announcing the 83bar selection, the editors of Pharma Tech Outlook noted, "One tech company has built a solution to turn a historically passive approach to finding treatment into an active pathway that offers improved healthcare outcomes for patients, while providing a better ROI for healthcare providers."

Bob Baurys, CEO and founder of 83bar, commented, "We are pleased to have been recognized by Pharma Tech Outlook with this distinction as a Top Marketing Solution Provider for 2019."

Baurys told Pharma Tech Outlook that he has enjoyed watching the company grow and adapt to the changing trends of a digital healthcare marketing ecosystem that in large part dictates the success of  a patient engagement strategy. "It's been an exciting journey," he said. "We are experiencing significant growth as we have been able to change the speed and effectiveness paradigm in both commercial and clinical trial recruitment efforts. I'm so grateful to our forward-thinking partners who have been willing to rewrite the 'rulebook' with us regarding patient activation."

83bar has built a database of more than 850,000 patients seeking to connect with providers, while recently expanding clinical trial recruitment and pharmaceuticals in its roster.

"83bar has yielded positive results from its hard work, which is illustrated not only by its growing patient database, but also its client and employee satisfaction," the magazine wrote. In three years, the company has grown from 15 employees to 60, and reports a 219 percent increase in revenue from 2018 to 2019.

Details and the complete profile is at www.pharmatechoutlook.com

About 83bar, LLC

83bar, LLC, headquartered in Austin, Texas, is the leading Patient Activation marketing agency. 83bar has developed a system that has been implemented by over three dozen name brands in health, medical, technology, and devices. The company has a database of more than 850,000 patient engagements in the past three years. Its four-step activation process is a system integrated to LOCATE prospective patients through risk assessment and health surveys; EDUCATE them to offer solutions and help them make informed decisions; NAVIGATE patients to action by appointment scheduling or service fulfillment; and through comprehensive follow-up, convert these patients to ADVOCATE on behalf of improved treatment and health care. Contact at www.go83bar.com


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