Revolutionary Do-it-Yourself Publishing Kits for 2020 by PublishingSOLO Magazine


Look no further. New DIY publishing kits grant the time and know-how. Learn how to self-publish a book by doing it! Once you become a published author, friends, family, and peers see you in a whole new light! This unique system propels aspiring & seasoned authors thru the digital publishing process step-by-step. You won't even need your final manuscript to start!
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MIAMI - Dec. 1, 2019 - PRLog -- It has been said: Don't Die with Your Music Still in You … Deborah S. Nelson says: "Don't Die with Your Story Still in You!"

Inside Story is Transformational

The New Year is prime time to write a new life story—to create lasting self transformation. And, to create Self Transformation through Self-Publishing, Deborah S. Nelson, Publishing SOLO Magazine Publisher ANNOUNCES her new DIY Book Publishing Kits for 2020!

"Digital publishing includes technical issues to prepare books for printing," says Ms. Nelson—"These hurdles are often more time-consuming and challenging, than writing the book, itself!"

Self-Publishing for Writers, Entrepreneurs, & Rising Stars

Despite technicalities, Ms. Nelson praises self-publishing glories for writers, entrepreneurs, rising stars.These include notoriety, expert status, increased net-worth; with options to speak, and consult. Ms, Nelson says a priceless self-transformation occurs through self-publishing.

Entrepreneurs increase pricing 10-25% once they become published. Some add consulting and speaking services for extra income.Rising YouTube Stars boost notoriety, fund-raising, and book sales from their growing online brand.

Democracy in Publishing—A Right to Publish

Nelson worked in traditional publishing, mastered publishing coaching this past decade. She realizes the digital transformation is not as easy as expected. Many authors become mired in the process, and quit!. Ms. Nelson promotes democracy in publishing. Anyone who nurtures inspiration, has a story to tell, or knowledge to share; has earned the right to publish.

Self-Publishing Kits by Deborah S Nelson

Nelsons' new DIY Publishing Kits, launch in January of 2020! These kits assist those who want to go DIY, and cannot afford to hire Ms. Nelson as publishing coach, DIY kits include:

1.    Textbook by Deborah S. Nelson, which prepares writer for self-publishing.

2.    Workbook, tools, mini-courses on how to publish a book.

3.    Book coaching with Ms. Nelson to conquer stumbling blocks preventing book completion.

Types of Book Publishing Kits

Since writers are different, Ms. Nelson created five types of self-publishing kits.

1.    Flash Book Writing Kits

2.    DIY Publishing Kits

3.    BLASTOFF Self-Publishing Kits

4.   Change Your Story Vision Kits

5.    The Newest Secret Vision Kits

ALL KITS at Dream to Publish Boutique

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