Obesity Expert, Dr. Louis Aronne, Announces Intellihealth

Intellihealth launches Evolve™, a technology platform for medically-supervised weight management.
By: Intellihealth
NEW YORK - Oct. 28, 2019 - PRLog -- Obesity is a chronic disease, affecting nearly 40% of the U.S. population, and that number is expected to grow exponentially.* To address this epidemic, Dr. Louis Aronne, along with his team of obesity medicine specialists and software developers, has launched Intellihealth, the first company to take a holistic approach to lifelong weight management combining medicine and behavioral change.  Intellihealth will preview its new patent-pending software platform, Evolve, at Obesity Week, November 4-7 in Las Vegas, NV.

Evolve enables healthcare providers to extend their practices and deliver metabolic treatment options specifically focused on the disease of obesity. Through Intellihealth's acquisition of BMIQ®, Evolve leverages 30 years of science-backed research and analysis, allowing providers to easily assess and deliver an integrated, multi-disciplinary, medical model to their patients.  Evolve also includes software tools and educational content to track and manage patient care.

"Obesity is a very complex chronic disease with a number of causes from diet to underlying medical conditions, medications and genetics," said Dr. Aronne. "Through our extensive research and applied medical model, we have incorporated all of our practice methodologies into a single software platform, which delivers a blueprint for treating obesity with supervision and continued oversight. Evaluation of our approach demonstrates 3x the number of patients reaching the key outcome measure of 5% or greater weight loss compared to programs that incorporate behavioral interventions alone."

Hospitals and medical systems across the country are already seeing dramatic weight loss among their patients using Intellihealth's existing software platform. With Intellihealth's products and services, patients are improving their health and reducing their risk of chronic diseases, such as type II diabetes.  Additionally, Intellihealth customers are reducing health-related costs for their employees.

Key features of the Evolve platform include:
  • On-staff doctors, nurses and dietitians that specialize in obesity management
  • Health risk assessment with diagnosis algorithms to mirror the medical model
  • Recommendation engine prescription programming for providers (MD, NP, PA, RD, ES)
  • Remote patient monitoring via weight scales and nutrition/activity/behavior trackers
  • Analytical reporting dashboards for medical providers to monitor and treat patients
  • API integration within electronic health record and patient management platforms
  • Patient administration tools to self-track and report nutrition/activity/behavior data
  • Learning management platform for providers and patients for education and training
  • HIPAA/HITRUST-compliant telemedicine (video, text, email)
  • Mobile responsiveness that operates within browser, tablet, and smartphone UIs
Intellihealth's software is available to individual patients through secure HIPAA/HITRUST telemedicine services, regional medical services, and hospital providers throughout the U.S.

About Intellihealth

Intellihealth is a technology company focused on delivering software solutions and managed services to medical care providers, employers, insurers, and consumers in the field of metabolic medicine. Our flagship product, Evolve, offers easy-to-use software tools combined with the latest research and educational knowledge in the field of obesity medicine, accelerating the diagnosis and prescriptive process for providers and their patients.

For more information and to request a demonstration visit www.intellihealth.co.

Press Contact: Marty Mullarkey, Director of Marketing, marty@intellihealthcorp.com

* World Health Organization

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