CEO Coaching International Congratulates Client Eastridge Workforce Solutions for Becoming an Employee-Owned Company

CEO Coaching International congratulates Eastridge Workforce Solutions
CEO Coaching International congratulates Eastridge Workforce Solutions
MIAMI BEACH, Fla. - Oct. 24, 2019 - PRLog -- EO Coaching International, the leading firm coaching over 200 of the world's top growth-focused entrepreneurs, congratulates its client, San Diego-based professional recruiting firm Eastridge Workforce Solutions, on finalizing its companywide Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP).

Eastridge, an international company, now offers its internal and contract employees shares of the company's stock over a three-year vesting schedule with no cost to them, making itself even more competitive in attracting a talented workforce. This ESOP offering is just one of many examples of how Eastridge focuses on growth and invests in its people first.

"When we met as a family to discuss the path forward, we had one important question in mind: What would Dad have wanted? We knew the ESOP would be a fundamental way to preserve the culture we have all worked to create at Eastridge Workforce Solutions. This is something he would have been proud of," said Adam Svet, chief executive officer of Eastridge Workforce Solutions. "We are incredibly proud of the sense of community we have built, and the announcement of the ESOP is our way of thanking our team for their hard work and dedication. My brother and I believe that offering ownership to each member of the team shows how much we believe in them, in Eastridge Workforce Solutions, and in the bright future that's ahead."

The goal of the employee stock ownership programs is to encourage collaboration, improve leadership, and increase employee job satisfaction throughout the business. According to the National Center for Employee Ownership (NECO), companies with ESOPs produce triple the retirement assets and a 25 percent higher job growth rate with overwhelmingly higher employee engagement ratings than those without them.

"CEO Coaching International is very excited for the future of Eastridge Workforce Solutions," said Mark Moses, CEO and Founder of CEO Coaching International. "We're proud to continue to coach their leadership team towards their goals as they enter this new chapter of the company's history and reap the benefits of the new plan."

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