The Rotary Santa Run Shares the Health Benefits of Turning Your Kids On To Running

Here are some of the good things that come from getting your children to love running.
At the Santa Run, the youngest runners compete in the Reindeer Run.
At the Santa Run, the youngest runners compete in the Reindeer Run.
ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, Ill. - Oct. 6, 2019 - PRLog -- Your kids always seem to have so much energy. It would be beneficial for them to take that energy and put it somewhere… anywhere. Running may seem like a sport for adults more so than children, but getting your children in the habit of running is extremely beneficial and will help them (and you) in the long run.

Strengthen their muscles and joints

Running consistently will help your children gain muscle and improve their joints. This means that they will be less likely to get an injury. Gaining muscle at a young age will prepare them for when their body is ready to build muscle as a young adult.

It will improve their heart health

The heart is a muscle, and using it helps with healthy function. Being heart healthy is beneficial at any age.

Improve their athleticism

Maybe Johnny is a baseball addict, or Suzy looks to be a swim team superstar. For any sport that your child may be interested in, running is a good basis and will help them with speed, strength and flexibility.

They will always have something to do

Challenge cries of "I'm bored" with going for a run. Running only requires running shoes and a passion for running. This means that your child will always have something that they love to do when they're bored.

It can bring you and your child closer together

Running as a family can bring your family together; it is a healthy and fun activity, and also leads to further exploration of your neighborhood.

It helps your child sleep better

Running is a proven way to improve sleep. Often, all the electronics that our children are surrounded with on a daily basis can cause them to struggle with falling asleep at night. Being a consistent runner will tire them out and help regulate sleep patterns.

Getting children passionate about running starts by encouraging them and having them associate it with fun. Again this year, the Rotary Club of Arlington Heights is hosting their annual Rotary Santa Run 5K Run/Walk. This activity allows your children to both have fun and participate in running. Sign up HERE.

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