70 Iconic Landmarks Across The Globe Will Light In Teal, Pink And Green To Raise Awareness For Stage IV Metastatic Breast Cancer In October

By: Moore Fight Moore Strong
Light Up MBC
Light Up MBC
PORTSMOUTH, N.H. - Sept. 30, 2019 - PRLog -- Moore Fight Moore Strong (MFMS), has united 60 cities across the globe to illuminate 70 major landmarks in the colors of the metastatic breast cancer awareness ribbon; teal, pink and green. The effort entitled Light Up MBC, is intended to raise awareness for the terminal disease, metastatic breast cancer (MBC), on the days leading up to MBC Awareness Day on October 13th.  The campaign is initiated in support of Annapolis-based non-profit METAvivor Research and Support Inc and has been given the name Light Up MBC.

Moore Fight Moore Strong is an organization formed by family and friends of patient advocate, Jessica Moore. Accordig to executive director, Laura Inahara, "The organization has a mission to raise awareness of metastatic breast cancer (MBC) in memory of Jessica, who died from metastatic breast cancer in 2017. Prior to Jessica's passing she said she thought it would be amazing to light a landmark for MBC and to raise awareness for METAvivor and that conversation has been the our driving force." In October of 2017, five months after Jessica's passing, Moore Fight Moore Strong was able to light their first landmark, The Memorial Bridge in Portsmouth, NH.

Since that first landmark lighting, Moore Fight Moore Strong has worked tirelessly to light as many landmarks as possible in cities around the world. They are asking the public to find a participating landmark in their area on the evening of the lighting, take a picture, and post it publicly to social media with the hashtag #LightUpMBC. "Lighting landmarks and encouraging public interaction will help us raise awareness of the lack of funding for MBC research and hopefully help educate the public to spread the word," said Inahara.  "Metastatic breast cancer is a terminal disease with no cure and very little research funding. We need the help of the general public to share information leading up to and on the evening of the landmark lighting through social media. We feel certain that we can shed a light on the disease to help get more research funding so no more of our friends have to die from this disease."

In a month filled with pink celebrations, the Metastatic Breast Cancer community feels forgotten.  Metastatic Breast Cancer (often also referred to as stage IV or advanced breast cancer) is breast cancer that has spread beyond the breast to other organs in the body typically the liver, lung, brain and bones.  There is no cure for stage IV MBC and the life expectancy of men and women diagnosed with the disease is, on average, 24-36 months.  "Bringing awareness to MBC is critical. There are 114 people that die from metastatic breast cancer every day. This is often not discussed," said Inahara.  While 30% of early stage breast cancer patients will eventually metastasize, only 2%-5% of all breast cancer funds raised go to stage IV breast cancer research to truly find a cure, or make the disease a chronic yet manageable illness.

Inahara said, "Jessica encouraged us all to advocate because she knew the more we shared information about MBC, the more people would understand it and advocate for change. We think education is key for additional research funding. There is often a misconception there is a cure for breast cancer and we want to share with anyone that will listen, that there is not.  We would like people to consider this when investing their charitable donations and consider METAvivor Research and Support as they remain the only U.S. organization dedicated to solely awarding annual, peer reviewed stage 4 breast cancer research grants."

A list of participating cities, locations and dates of the lightings can be found at https://www.facebook.com/MooreFightMooreStrong/

METAvivor and the Origin of the MBC Ribbon:
METAvivor is a charitable organization founded in 2009 and dedicated to funding stage IV metastatic breast cancer research to transition the disease from terminal to a chronic, manageable condition with a good quality of life.

At METAvivor's founding, the MBC awareness ribbon was created to help raise awareness of MBC and the need for additional research funding. Although, MBC starts in the breast, it spreads to vital organs and makes the disease fatal. To highlight the uniqueness of the disease and show its commonality with other stage IV cancers, METAvivor designed a base ribbon of green and teal to represent cancer metastasis. Green represents the triumph of spring over winter, life over death, and symbolizes renewal, hope, and immortality, while teal symbolizes healing and spirituality.  The thin pink ribbon overlay signifies the metastatic cancer originated in the breast. Visit www.metavivor.org for more information.

About Moore Fight Moore Strong
In 2013, Moore Fight Moore Strong (MFMS) was formed by family and friends who joined forces with a mission to support Jessica Moore, who in April 2013, at age 32 was diagnosed with Stage IV Metastatic Breast Cancer (MBC). Since inception, Moore Fight Moore Strong (MFMS) has grown larger than we could have ever imagined. We all united together to support Jessica's mission to raise awareness of stage IV metastatic breast cancer (MBC).  In May of 2017, Jessica passed away after a courageous four-year battle with the disease. For more information visit: www.MooreFightMooreStrong.com

Laura Inahara, Executive Director


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