WURCK Makes Executive Level Marketing Talent Affordable with Traverse City's Only Fractional CMO Service

WURCK brings Michigan's growing businesses marketing leadership, strategy and implementation services in a unique model that meets their budgets.
TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. - Sept. 16, 2019 - PRLog -- After 12 years leading two of Michigan's most respected marketing agencies, Carly Wujcik took the plunge into entrepreneurship to address an unmet need: executive level marketing talent that creates business growth without the six-figure salary that young businesses can't afford.

Wujcik founded WURCK (pronounced: work) in October 2017 and despite what many believed she'd create, she didn't endeavor to build yet another marketing agency. Instead, she set out to offer mid-sized, growing businesses the solutions she had heard them asking for over the course of more than a decade. Among those services is WURCK's most popular: the fractional CMO.

A fractional CMO develops and oversees a company's marketing strategy and budget and orchestrates all of its marketing efforts to achieve high level, strategic growth for the business. However, a fractional CMO only works for the organization part time.

WURCK's fractional CMO service provides mid-sized businesses experiencing growth (and growing pains) the strategic marketing leadership they need to make marketing a pragmatic, profitable source of continued business growth without the commitment or overhead that typically comes with hiring a highly experienced, proven marketing leader.

Wujcik notes, "The average salary for a top marketing executive in Traverse City, Michigan with 10-15 years of experience is $222,000 right now (according to Salary.com). A marketing executive with that body of knowledge is well worth that but that doesn't change the fact that newly growing businesses just can't afford it. Through WURCK's fractional CMO service, a business can hire that same marketing executive for under $12,000, achieve real business growth, get high-touch service and a solid off-boarding plan for that contract executive. This service is the way forward for so many businesses who are teetering on that razor sharp edge of here's where we really make it or here's where we fall apart."

What sets WURCK's fractional CMO service apart from hiring an independent marketing consultant is not only the talent that it makes available to growing businesses but also the implementation aspect. WURCK's fractional CMOs enter a business knowing that they will first strategize and then implement.

Wujcik states, "If I walk away from an already over-taxed business owner and all they have is a plan in their hand, the work won't get done. I help them identify it. And then get it done."

WURCK is helping leaders identify their current place in the market, where they endeavor to be and how to get there with this unique business model.

An initial consultation with WURCK is always free. Schedule yours by visiting www.wurckconsulting.com or emailing wurckconsulting@gmail.com.

Carly Wujcik

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