G&D Media Publishes New Trade Paperback from Psychologist Dr. Michael Broder

Become an Inspiration to Others—A Successful, High-Energy and Unshakeably Optimistic Person
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Positive Attitude Training
Positive Attitude Training
NEW YORK - Sept. 9, 2019 - PRLog -- Mastering the power of positive thinking is a timeless– if not new – goal, but how does one achieve it in a way that's lasting? Psychologist Michael S. Broder, Ph.D., coach to high achievers, bestselling author and acclaimed expert in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), has created techniques that enable virtually anyone who follows his clinically proven and time-tested strategies, to change their lives.

Positive Attitude Training: How to Be An Unshakeable Optimist is his innovative new book that helps you to quickly master the power of positive thinking and take charge of your life. Learn to take control of your attitudes and emotions so that they serve you and the life goals you've chosen.

In this book, discover how to:
  • CONQUER low frustration tolerance (LFT)
  • GET the "shoulds" out of your life and release the disturbing emotions they create
  • DISCOVER and avoid the nine thinking error traps that account for most negative thinking
  • MAKE stress work for you
  • CHANGE self-defeating attitudes into powerful affirmations
  • OVERCOME depression, guilt and worry
  • CONTROL your habits
  • MASTER decision-making skills
  • DEFEAT ambivalence, procrastination and goal-destroying perfectionism
  • SET new goals and make major life changes
  • BUILD a positive winning self-image
  • THINK of building positive attitudes as emotional muscle -- the way you would think of building your physical strength

About the Author:

Michael S. Broder, Ph.D.,
is an eminent psychologist, bestselling author, speaker, media personality and coach to high achievers. His work centers around helping people to bring about major change in the shortest time possible. He is the author of six popular books including Seven Steps to Your Best Life. Contact him at MB@MichaelBroder.com.

About the Book:

Title:  Positive Attitude Training: How to Be An Unshakeable Optimist

Author:  Michael S. Broder, Ph.D.

Price:  $19.95

Trade Paperback ISBN:  9781722501709

eBook ISBN: 9781722522698

Available:  September 17, 2019

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