CivicScience Launches New Research to Monitor Effects of Trade Policy

Always-On Study Will Gauge Tariff Concerns and Spending Impact Among U.S. Consumers
PITTSBURGH - Sept. 5, 2019 - PRLog -- CivicScience, the next-generation survey research company, today announced the launch of a real-time tracking study aimed at measuring and analyzing U.S. consumers' concerns and changing spending habits resulting from evolving U.S. trade policies and tariffs. The CivicScience Tariff Monitorâ„¢ will gauge not only changes in consumer attitudes and behaviors over time, but diagnose which consumer segments, categories, and even brands are most affected.

"There's no topic we're asked about more today than the impact of tariff policies among American consumers," said CivicScience CEO John Dick. "With the critical holiday shopping season fast approaching, keeping a vigilant eye on this issue is more critical than ever."

CivicScience has been tracking tariff concerns and spending implications among U.S. adults on a daily basis since early June. Today, the company released the first of what will be an ongoing series of monthly public reports on these topics.

Findings from the August Tariff Monitor data include:
  • 33% of U.S. adults are "very concerned" about the impact of trade policies and tariffs on their household expenses, 33% are "somewhat concerned," and 34% are "not at all concerned."
  • The "very concerned" group has risen from just 27% in July;
  • The most concerned population segments include women, older adults, and people of lower incomes;
  • 23% of U.S. adults reported a decrease in household purchases in August, directly attributed to tariff implications, up from 19% in June;
  • Another 14% have noticed an increase in household expenses due to tariffs;
  • The groups most likely to have felt tariff impacts already include women, minorities, and lower-income households;
  • Political party affiliation had a significant impact on both key measures.
In addition to the public monthly trend reports, CivicScience clients and media partners will have access to real-time results and alerts, along with more detailed analysis by spending category, industry, and individual brand. Additional custom research can be commissioned as well.

"Few issues affect a broader array of industries," said CEO John Dick. "Tariffs aren't just a danger to obvious categories like electronics or retail, where the impact is direct – but even food service or travel, where the trickle-down implications on disposable income are just as troubling."

The initial report and future installments can be found in their entirety on the CivicScience website at http:/

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