Stuff Aspergers Like: A Humorous View of Asperger's Syndrome book is now available

Stuff Aspergers Like
Stuff Aspergers Like
INDIANAPOLIS - Sept. 3, 2019 - PRLog -- Asperger's syndrome can be a serious topic. It can also be hilarious!

Stuff Asperger's Like is a collection of over 100 short essays that humorously describe Asperger's, a form of high-functioning autism.

Stuff Aspergers Like explores what being an Aspie (nickname among those in the culture) means. From socialization and communication to education to work to relationships, there are plenty of anecdotes and pop culture references to illustrate traits that surface in everyday interactions.

Whether you're on the spectrum or know someone who is, this humorous collection of tongue-in-cheek essays will entertain and educate.

Thirteen chapters include:

Socialization, Conversation and Communication: Eye contact, interacting in groups, grasping the use of slang, need for alone time and electronic communication

Work: School and Environment: Motivation, perfectionism, teamwork, career choices

Relationships: Marrying and partnering, conception of love, interaction with children, dating and foreign love interests

Thoughts and Their Processes: Literal interpretation, figuring out what people mean, small details versus the big picture, abstract versus concrete thinking

Hobbies/Special Interests/Leisure Activities: Solo athletics, cultural interests (language, foreign countries), tech culture, facts and trivia

Education and Learning: Higher education, learning you're an Asperger

Sensory Issues: Noise, light, touch

Morals, Principles and Values: Developing morals, determining authority, integrity and self-governance

Emotions and the Touchy Feely: Managing emotion

Planning and Organizing: Appointments, lists and other miscellaneous planning tools

Pop Culture: Famous Aspies, media and TV examples

Daily Living: Structure and routine, meal planning, wardrobe planning

Identity: Aspie culture

About J.F. Browne

J.F. Browne is behind the blog, which began as a series of posts listing what Aspergers are "like" or traits that define the group and culture. It has recently expanded into posts about the latest news about those on the spectrum.

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