Science Fiction Comedy Novel Claims Mental Disorder Causing Amazon Destruction, Climate Crisis

"Sex On the Wrong Brain" by Ard Falten blames a common but undiagnosed mental disorder for the excessive greed and global warming denial that threatens the planet.
ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. - Aug. 29, 2019 - PRLog -- The story introduces sex on the wrong brain, or sowb, caused when humans divert impatient satisfaction-demanding reproductive impulses to fuel mental processes that require patience and objectivity.

"The problem is we have two hands but only one sexual organ," says the author. "Without appropriate education most humans will learn sex with the right hand, which is connected to the left side of the brain. Biologically, reproductive energy is supposed to stimulate emotion, orgasm and eventually reproduction. How much is spent in the detour through parts of the brain used for math and logic, and what problems is it causing along the way?"

"When reproductive impulses fuel parts of the brain used to measure, quantify, and calculate, they want more, bigger, faster. That increases greed," says Falten. "When sex fuels logic and problem solving it wants to get the thinking over with, pushing for quick easy answers and certainty that doesn't exist. That can turn harmless uncertainty into stress and fear."

"Humans evolved with sex on the wrong brain. Most people have some sowb but some people, especially males, get it worse than others. Some of our current world leaders exhibit classic sowb symptoms like narcicism, authoritarianism, racism, misogyny, and lack of creativity and empathy," says the author. "Complicated issues frighten them. Forests and wild animals frighten them. They would rather destroy the Amazon and deny global warming than deal with the uncertainty they represent. Money makes it even easier. A lot of that is sex on the wrong brain."

In order to reach a wider audience the author weaves the theory into an irreverent science fiction comedy set in a dystopian near-future with global warming about to destroy Earth. The USA is ruled with talk radio and a Trump-like president builds a wall along the southern border. Then a flying saucer crashes in New Mexico and left-handed Lulu Lopez finds an alien multi-tool that makes 'sex zombies'. When the king of talk radio deports her parents she uses it to get revenge, terrorizing radio stations across the country. Lulu is branded a witch, rockets to the top of the most wanted list, and gets the attention of a stranded alien who needs Lulu's multi-tool to save Earth.

Simon Barrett of says "I like 'Sex On the Wrong Brain' a lot. If you like Douglas Adams and don't mind a few 'smutty' bits, you will enjoy this book."

The author points out psychologists measure authoritarianism with the Uncertainty Avoidance Index, or UAI. Research shows authoritarians are motivated by anxiety and fear to create certainty by imposing order and simplifying issues into absolutes like yes or no, black or white, good or evil. "You're on one side of the wall or the other," says Falten. The book describes how creating and accepting certainty requires denial of reality and claims that authoritarian belief systems cultivate thought patterns to reward that denial by rerouting diverted reproductive energy to pleasure centers. "With sowb it feels good to deny. It makes it easier to lie and accept lies. It puts the grin on the liar's face," says the Falten.

The book explains:
- sowb may be temporarily relieved with cannabis
- it may contribute to sexual dysfunction
- why men generally get sowb worse than women, exacerbating misogyny
- that general levels of sowb as well as particular symptoms may be hereditary
- why people of European decent may be more susceptible than people of African and South American decent
- how it gave right-handedness an evolutionary advantage, resulting in today's nine to one dominance
- why certainty is the currency of authoritarian power

E-book is available from major booksellers for $4.99.




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