Trestle Releases Tool to Show Transparent Ethical Practices of Popular Consumer Brands

The myTrestle Tool instantly shows the ethical practices of companies as you land on their website or a product of theirs on Amazon. Consumers can instantly see how they operate across environmental, labor, and animal practices among other values.
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The myTrestle Button instantly shows ethical practices of companies on Website
The myTrestle Button instantly shows ethical practices of companies on Website
PORTLAND, Ore. - July 29, 2019 - PRLog -- Trestle LLC., a start-up specializing in creating transparency between consumers and companies, announced the release of a new tool for multinational consumers and researchers of business and industry. The myTrestle Button is a plug-in available for the Chrome browser that displays the transparent operational practices of companies when visiting a brand's websites or products on Amazon.

The myTrestle Button reports data on how companies operate in their environmental, labor, and animal practices as well as if their products are USA-made, use organic materials, and to what degree the company operates with transparency. The myTrestle Button, once downloaded on Chrome, works any time a corporate website is visited, or product pages on

"In less than three seconds, we can know a products price, size, colors, features and reviews, but to know what a company behind a product stands for takes an additional 2-3 hours of research every time we go to buy something - an amount of time we as consumers are not willing to give," states Trestle Cofounder and CEO, Jennifer Johnson. "As companies realize that we are beginning to care about how our products are made, they are attempting to market to us their ethical practices - sometimes honestly and sometimes deceivingly so."

Trestle has analyzed 200+ popular brands such as Patagonia, Adidas, and Luxottica (the parent company of Ray-Ban) along with social enterprises such as Cotopaxi, Tonle, and Veja.

Trestle released a beta of the myTrestle Button to their 150 earliest members. As of Monday, July 29th, the public are invited to add the myTrestle Button to their Chrome browser by visiting Users of Firefox and Opera can expect the myTrestle Button to be released in the next couple months.

Nielsen, a leading global company providing market research, insight & data, has reported growing consumer trends towards desire to buy from companies who operate with ethical and sustainable practices, particularly among Millennial and Gen Z consumers. While some companies are implementing ethical practices, others are using greenwashing tactics to appear to be more environmentally-friendly than they are.

"I want to shop with companies who embody the ideals I believe in, but it's not always simple or fast. With the myTrestle Button, it has become a much more attainable goal in a light-speed economy, and there is a feeling of achievement and purpose that comes with shopping conscientiously via Trestle," states myTrestle Button beta-user, Devin Vyain, "[It] melds personalized conscientious shopping with a grander vision of changing the e-commerce landscape and empowering companies who act on principles valued by individual consumers."

About Trestle

Trestle is a Portland-based technology company aiming to make conscious consumerism convenient. They aggregate data on how companies operate and create technologies to provide transparent information to consumers as they shop online and to writers as they research business and industry.
For more information about Trestle, visit or e-mail Cofounder and CEO Jennifer Johnson at


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