realMethods Addresses Lingering Gap In DevOps, CI/CD Processes With The Release Of New Continuous Generation™ Technology

Accelerate new software development projects by automating and standardizing the first commit—saving time, cutting costs, and reducing risk.
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Streamline software developers first step in the Continuous Delivery lifecycle
Streamline software developers first step in the Continuous Delivery lifecycle
CAMBRIDGE, Mass. - July 15, 2019 - PRLog -- realMethods today announced the general release of their Continuous Generation™ platform. The platform allows application developers to dramatically automate significant portions of the traditional software development process while standardizing an organization's approach to their development practices.

"With so much automation in the typical DevOps tool chain, it is incredible how application generation is still overlooked." says Steven Randolph, Chief Architect at realMethods. "That is why we are pleased to offer a unique solution to address this gap in the DevOps process."

No matter how much preparation and configuration has been done up front, a traditional toolchain does not come to life until something is first checked into an empty repository.  Developers often get a project started by settling for "hello world" or simple scaffolding.  realMethods is dedicated to improving the first code commit by being a true catalyst to DevOps.

What is the Continuous Generation™ Platform?

realMethods Continuous Generation™ technology is a platform that makes application generation a seamless new phase. After planning, and before traditional development starts, all the language-based code, build files, config files, and much more are created within a business context.  This latter part is crucial and is accomplished by accepting one of many business model types as input.

"DevOps is about finding the appropriate processes whereby mechanization through software replaces user intervention.  Unlike attempts from the past, modern code generation is now forced to meet the high automation standards established by today's DevOps tools," Steven Randolph added. "The notion of the continuous generation of an application's core services is now possible, serving as a complement to continuous integration and development."

One of realMethods' fundamental tenets is to generate everything possible that can be inferred from requirements.  Such requirements include

·         the business model

·         the target technology stack

·         the CI/CD platform

·         and the deployment environment.

About realMethods

With tightening delivery time frames and budgets, continuous application generation serves as a competitive edge when starting a new project or application rewrite.  realMethods was founded to help users achieve unprecedented gains in productivity, savings, and predictability with code generation, thereby making the initial effort required to prepare an application generation session well worth it.   Based in Cambridge, MA, the realMethods team is committed to helping their clients achieve new levels of success with application development projects and to realize the benefits of standardization and efficient reuse of code.

The current version of the realMethods Continuous Generation™ platform has nearly a dozen pre-defined technology stacks with several more in production. However, given that technology stacks will always come and go, realMethods has created an open definition for creating a templatized technology stack so users can create their own, and optionally contribute for wider community usage.

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Continuous Generation™ is a trademark of realMethods, Inc.

JR Rodrigues
VP Strategy & Business Development


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