When You Can't Escape, Cater in with Delicious Food from Catering with Elegance

Just as food brings people together, it can also make the workday more productive and less stressful. Here's how catering in at work can help.
By: Catering with Elegance
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Bring your team closer together with a catered meal from Catering with Elegance!
Bring your team closer together with a catered meal from Catering with Elegance!
ADDISON, Ill. - July 12, 2019 - PRLog -- Food brings people together. That's as true with families as it is at work. A workplace meal gives employees an opportunity to be social together or to focus on work in a fresh and different way.

Of course, busy schedules often mean that the team can't leave the office. When you can't escape but the team needs an infusion of fun—or to really buckle down on something—catering in at work is the answer.


Catering in at work means getting down to business—fast. Whether you're hosting a presentation, a retreat, a working session, or a holiday party, employees can come in, help themselves to a delicious meal, and focus right away. There's no fussing with running out for a quick sandwich, or with microwaving the leftovers from home.


Catering in saves everyone time—it's that simple. For employees, packing a lunch in advance takes time. There's the time prepping the food, and the time cleaning up the mess it makes in the kitchen.


Let's face it: employee potlucks aren't that fun. The formula of three sides, three mains, and three desserts is tired. And while every office has a star chef, every office also has that beloved team member who makes something terrible that everyone politely pushes around their plates.

Coordinating the employee potluck can also be stressful—communicating, reminding, setting up tables and chairs, throwing away paper goods, and more. Catering in at work is much simpler: choose from a variety of options, from hot breakfast to boxed lunch, and our staff will do the setup for you.


Bringing a catered lunch in for your team can go a long way toward showing your appreciation. When employees have social time together, they can feel more connected to each other as well as to your company goals. A catered meal offers an opportunity to come together, a chance to relax, and a chance to say thank you to those who work so hard.

Today's office environment can be stressful. Thanks to our devices, there is less of a divide between work and home, and much is expected of employees. When time, schedule, and responsibility prevent an off-site meeting, or your office needs an infusion of fun, consider catering in at work. Your team will thank you.

Catering with Elegance offers off-site catering with easy ordering and a range of options to bring your team together. Choose from hot buffet lunch options, boxed lunches, breakfasts and more. Even better, most of our packages start at just 15 guests, so even if your team is small, catering in at work can work for you.

And with more than 60 years of event catering experience, we know just what you (and your office manager) need. With our mouthwatering fare and expert service, you can relax and enjoy the meal, too.

Since 1959, Catering with Elegance has combined beautiful venues (Bloomingdale Golf Club and Medinah Banquets), mouthwatering food, and top-notch service to transform events into treasured memories. We offer full-service catering and event management at two beautiful west suburban locations as well as off-site service for weddings, celebrations, and corporate events.


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