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ALBURNETT, Ala. - July 6, 2019 - PRLog -- The fact is that there is nothing in the name of our film critique that we all have. Because something that Kamal Tabrizi made and Reza Mirkarimi his producer did not even close to the film. If you have a camcorder and you are not allowed to cast Iranian actors, do you necessarily call it a movie? If you press the camera capture button and shoot videos of people who do not know who they are or what they are, what's the result? Naturally no. You can not use the term film to refer to "Ma hame ba ham hastim". It refers to "something" or "phenomenon" called "We are all together" and criticized it as great damage to Iranian cinema.

When Kamal Tabrizi picks up a well-known campaign slogan everybody knows and chooses as his film's name, everyone expects his compilation to be at least hinted at. Has crossed the red line. Finally, he is the director of "One Degree Comedy" movies, "Lizard" and "Lilly with Me." But, without saying that "we are all together" is a complete disaster.
For the whole time you've sat in the cinema and you see the screen of famous actors on the screen, the question is constantly in your head: "Well, what?" What does that mean? At all, if they put the name of the film "We are all together," does that mean anything but a German trade that makes people into the cinema? And, well, they did not make a mistake in their business. The problem here is that the cinema was supposed to be the first to be art and not to work. Bestselling movie does not make a mistake unless it is a movie in the first place!

"Ma hame ba ham hastim" does not have a story that can be defined, but it has a linear idea that could be appealing. The owner of an airline to save his company from bankruptcy decides to drop a plane so that it can receive insurance. For this plane, a passenger is looking for those who are sailing from their lives and arriving with their pleasure. In the middle of it, but one or two people are mistakenly boarding the plane.

Think if it was supposed to chase the story of these characters, we could have a fascinating movie. The story of the lives of people who have gone to the bottom for any reason. But our director seems to be more conservative than he wants to even have such a story. Instead, she goes on to joke, and since her screenwriters have not had good jokes, they come up with something that they do not read, they do not have stories, and their characters do not have a sense and meaning. A handful of people who move around the camera and say things that the audience does not mess with.

Among the three screenwriters, Pomayrics and Dummies were featured last year at the Fajr Film Festival with a drowning film and a moderate downward "living." If you've seen that movie, you'll notice that the last ones you can choose to write a comedy script!

"Ma hame ba ham hastim" does not even have a funny moment. The crowds come to the cinema, but you do not hear their laugh. The same laughs that even heard on comedies like "Texas" or "confiscation". Comedies that are not too high are highlighted, but they are laughing at the crowd.

This thing, which Tabrizi and Mirkrimi have made (incidentally, on behalf of Mr. Mirkrami as the producer, that they also have good films in their work), only a lot of money is to be earned, and it seems that most of it, just like Tabriz's own perfection, Gets I do not want to call it a business like this kind of thing that does not really need this one.

At all, would it be that one would come to explain that "we are all together" was supposed to be a comedy model? Fantasy comedy I say this for Mehran Modiry's tune, and that strange misey of the question and answer court of the plane's passengers. How much of that managerial tune, and his constant reference to eating a lot of work. Because of Leila Hatami's way of playing such a bad game until today. Because of the character on the air of Mohammad Reza Golzar, who does not stick to the film with any clues, and the reason for his presence is not known at all. Otherwise, fantasy comedy also has elements that must be respected in a movie. "We are all together." Sometimes he has a fantasy in his own, and sometimes he is talking like Pejman Jamshidi like social films in Real.

Look at each corner of the frame, you will see one of Iran's cinema stars and ask what they have given them who are ready to go to such a strange potion in front of the camera? What does the real man who makes intellectual films do in the middle? Hassan Madjouni, who is a theater reputation, has not really asked if the reference to the Kiarostami medical adventure is not so embarrassed in this way? In the middle of only the actors that have been preserved, they are Javad Ezati and Soroush Sahat, not because of the characters they play, mostly because they keep their familiar characters in front of the camera.

Mirkrami and Tabrizi
Tabriz's collaborative work as Director and Mirkrami has worked as a catalyst producer.

Is this the reason why Kamal Tabrizi and Reza Mirkarimi are going to bed? Except that capital is lost to the film and they do not know what to do with it. What's more, what is meant by the meaning of entertaining people and the way to entertain the audience is not deceiving him with star players? They do not underestimate the audience and do not assume that they are unclean. The catastrophe "We are all together" is a direct insult to the minds of its audience. A movie that does not even have a directing effect on its budget. Closed views in closed environments and a number of exterior faces, whose spectacular, childish and ludicrous effects have all come to fruition?
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