Dr. NYC Is Back for More With I Forgive Me Part 2

The Ladies Put a Demand in the Air for Part 2 of the I Forgive Me Women's Symposium and Dr. NYC Delivered!
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ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. - July 2, 2019 - PRLog -- June 29, 2019 the City of Atlantic City shook once again as Dr. NYC Presented the I Forgive Me Women's Symposium. This installment of the symposium presented was Part Two of the I Forgive Me Movement. Women from all walks of life proudly walked into the New Shiloh Community Life Center which was transformed into a beautiful sea of colors. Each color represented the beauty of all aspects of women which produce a beautiful reflection of strength.

Prior to the event beginning you could feel peace and tranquility in the air as the natural sunlight piercing through the windows shone upon the skin of each woman. Spirit filled Gospel Music danced through the air into the ears of all present. This spirit filled music assisted in setting the atmosphere and preparing the heart and soul of the women for the wealth of empowerment, support and love that momentarily would be infused throughout the room.

Prior to the event beginning, Dr. NYC the Founder & CEO of the I Forgive Me Movement entered the room with light and love. She personally greeted each guest and thanked them for being present. Dr. NYC then revved the sea of women up by reminding them they all are survivors and asked each survivor to greet three other survivors and give authentic compliments. Hugs, laughter and conversation caused the room to swell with a sound of togetherness and joy,

The event then commenced with a soul stirring Inspirational Dance performed by Liz Barnes to the song Clean by Natalie Grant. Tears and tissues flowed as Liz Barnes took the ladies on a journey of reflection of imperfect lives that are still seen as worthy in God's eyes. This inspirational dance was followed by electric spoken word performed by The Poet Michelle.

The pieces she performed immediately arrested the attention of the women as she quickly fired off truths of challenges women faced and continue to face. The women in the room could be seen making non-verbal communication with The Poet Michelle as they nodded in agreement and shed tears while remembering their own stories.

Both performances by Liz Barnes and The Poet Michelle set the stage for the symposium's conversation to ensue. Dr. NYC dove right in and began discussing the difference between sleep and death and how it parallels to personal issues and challenges in life which are believed to be dead but in actuality are asleep. Panelist, Turkessa Lee unpacked the differences between sleeping issues and dead issues and gave revelation she received from her grandmother pertaining to love and hate. This topic alone was touched on by each panelist; Ann Torres, Linda Reaves, Illeen Whitehead, Turkessa Lee as well as many women who were in the audience who found the courage and strength to share in front of the crowd of 60 plus women and hundreds who were streaming live.

Dr. NYC also lead the panel and audience in addressing the following questions:
  1. Have you ever gotten too busy to face self-forgiveness head on?
  2. Does grieving through a situation & self-forgiveness need to be scheduled?
  3. What do you do when the lightbulb goes off and you realize it's you that been holding you back?
  4. How do you forgive yourself for living out something you were taught that was totally wrong? How do you unlearn this?
These questions lead to two and a half hours of dialogue amongst the women which was brought to a close by Dr. NYC as she asked the following question. What will you begin doing today to address the issues that are not dead but are asleep within you?

Some of the answers included:
  • I will talk to my family and let them know they think I am alright but I am not alright and I need their support.
  • I am going to talk to my parents and let them know what has been going on in my life instead of not telling them because as their only child I have always felt like their disappointment.
  • I will free myself from always trying to keep the peace and be a peacemaker and give myself the opportunity of saying, no and not always giving in to be what everyone else wants me to be and do.
  • I will no longer settle in any area of my life; home, work or marriage.
Prior to the event ending, Part 3 of Dr. NYC Presents I Forgive Me was hinted at quite a few times by the ladies in the room. We are awaiting information from Dr. NYC on what's next. Until then, the I Forgive Me Movement continues individually and collectively not only in Atlantic City, NJ but worldwide.

Photos: Ray Valdez Photography

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